Anyone else having a hard time getting jobs/roles to stick? [r166]

I cannot get past the initial build phase since whenever I assign a person to be carpenter, they’ll go so far as to pick up and claim the saw, but then in the menus it still shows them as ‘Worker’ and any blueprints I put down they wont start on them.

Trapper has the same issue. They’ll go pick up the knife, but in the menu they’ll still be classified as ‘Worker’, but at least when a trapping zone is put down they’ll go put traps down.

Am I doing something wrong?

Like, to even be able to start a game would be an achievement for me. I’ve got a bunch of unaccountable layabouts.

edit: Also, while watching this: Let’s play Stonehearth Part 1 - Alpha 5 Release 144 - Fantastic! I’ve come to realize there’s a huge UI difference between Alpha 5 and 6, and at least as far as I can tell there isn’t any ‘drop carpenter workbench’ or ‘build building’ buttons. :confused:

Sounds very odd, I don’t think anybody has had this problem before…

Can you give any more info? Are you running the steam version, or the standalone? Are you running the latest, unstable branch on steam? Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game? Are you running any mods?

When you say “any blueprints they put down aren’t started” are you referring to building items in their crafter station?

Yeah, I’m having a hard time determining if I have a proper build.

To make it more confusing, I have no idea how to re-claim or re-download the game, assuming I’ve long-since applied the Steam key and may’ve messed that up somehow? I’m not opted into the Steam betas, and I’m not running any mods. In fact, I haven’t run the game for many Alphas.

Gonna sound stupid, but could you do me a favor and take a screenshot of your typical menu screen/HUD? I’d like to compare.

Delete your mods folder located in steamapps/common/Stonehearth/, then re-validate the game (rightclick in Steam, “Properties”, “Local files”, “Verify integrity of local game files”). Maybe the files got corrupted or you have downloaded/installed (accidentally?) a broken build - deleting the mod folder and re-validating the files should take care of these issues.

I think I figured it out. I was actually just not placing the carpenter’s workbench. It wasn’t really clear that I had to, or where the button to do so was, as I assigned the job through the main menu and not by clicking on the individual person, and the only things missing from build mode are “build it” and being able to make doors, windows, etc.

That simple little step of placing the carpenter’s workbench is pretty vague for a new player, and opens up a lot of buttons. It could do with a tutorial flag in-game.

Anyway, I think my issue’s resolved. Thanks for tryin, guys!