Returned to see how things have changed - thoughts

I’ve been away for a while playing other games, but I thought I’d come back and check out the updates. I deleted my old saves and started a new town for about 3 months in game - almost reached 30 hearthlings. (played on normal instead of the usual hard I typically use) Here’s a few thoughts:

  • So far I like the level of difficulty that normal set so far. A couple of times, I needed to pull a guy away to keep them alive. (using 2 knights, 2 clerics, 3 archers and a footman right now.)

  • The work to improve the performance was noticeable. Good job.

  • When I decided to take my break, bad things happened to the crafting queues when you added a 2nd blacksmith. Now the new addition jumps in and starts smelting bars as the other one cranks out the nice armor and weapons. Cooks also work together nicely now.

  • The engineer seems to have production queue issues. Mine keeps getting stuck. in theory, you should be able to say keep 3 of each gear in stock, then make sure I have one turret and one nice trap. Why does this work for the blacksmith and carpenter while the engineer chokes on 4 items? I may have discovered a temporary workaround by adding a 2nd workbench but still…

  • We know why we need clerics, but the herbalist just seems unnecessary. You only need them while you turn them into clerics for possibly for one quest. (I’m building the last of the 3 statues right now)

  • I have mentioned this before, but I think the lack of a separate building designer (with all items unlocked) holds the game back. I think that there are many people who would enjoy designing a set of buildings for use without the game world being in their way. Having a building designer that would let you specify you want to design a set of buildings that all sit on a standard 12x12 (or as specified) space would let you start a game and plan out an entire town because each building could be ready for city planning as buildings specified space. I think that some of my towns have stalled because I want more templates for new buildings but I’m not ready to try to build the new template in a running game. I may look at some of the ones that are shared now and see if that helps.

  • There’s a bit of micro required around stuff management, especially when growing plants. I would like a way to say “stop planting silkweed if I have 20 fiber bundles.” OR… let me have a trader that can sell excess stock automatically for me.

  • My kids still like watching this game. They are going force me to restart with a new town because I didn’t name it after one of them. If I can easily update the town name let me know so I don’t have to start over.

Overall, I’m glad to see that some of the really annoying issues are much improved.


Hi @GeekLegion,

There is a mod for a building editor:

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You should be able to change it in the metada,json file in your games save folder.

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That changes the save file name, but when you open it, it doesn’t actually change the name of your town. :cry:

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THIS has been how I’ve felt for a while. Shorty of making potions to sell, or having one just to have one, I’ve yet to see what they actually do. People claim they heal Hearhtlings that have less than 50% of their health, yet I’ve had half a town near death before and they weren’t doing s***.

I’ve wanted this for a while, and know I’m not the only one.


Something like this?


Thanks for the feedback! We always love hearing how the game’s evolutions have been treating you. :slight_smile:

I’ll try this out. Thanks illdred!

Yes. Make sure to include the farmers in this!

:herb: I was puzzled about the Herbalist’s healing abilities for a while as well. Upon looking it up, it turns out the Herbalist will treat a wounded Herthling while they are asleep in their bed. If a Cleric is on duty they will heal each town member back to full health even out of battle, rendering the Herbalist unnecessary, except for when a Herthling is rescued.

:sake: I hope that eventually we can see Clerics (out of battle) heal to a satisfactory level, and then have the Herbalist take over the remainder of the treatment. OR perhaps, fighting classes could take a Healing Tonic with them to use as necessary - provided this doesn’t complicate when a Cleric heals, versus, when a Healing Tonic is used.