After taking a hiatus, I'm playing without checking the updates first!

Normally I’d keep abreast of developments, checking the forums, etc.but this time I took a long break without doing that, and I started a game without checking up on the updates to discover new aspects of the game on my own. So here’s a fresh view from an old hand.

  1. NPC AI: Wow. You guys have been busy. I like to push things and tie up villagers just to see where they stall. Task choice is waaaay better! Seems like villagers drop tasks waaay less! Love the NPC interactions, love their new stats!

2: Crafting: I like the new recipes and the new style, have to look up raw meat lol but I’m trying to give a totally new look before i start cheating and checking the wiki.

3: Battle: No idea, been playing on peaceful just checking up on how it runs, it’d be nice to be able to switch that ingame tho. Or have a way to train up warriors easily with practice dummies etc. That way you could build a mad castle before doing combat, Mebe have a opponent commiserate with the force you have developed as opposed to the number of villagers you have in your town (this might already be effected, if so sorry). It’s be rough to switch from peaceful to survival when you have thirty townsfolk, facing a mob of goblins with two untested footmen.

4: Grass: Major disappointment. This is a sandbox game with a severely deficient sandbox. Love the game! Love the artistry! Love where you’re heading! Can’t understand why this hasn’t been addressed yet, especially as it’s a game for builders. Just for shits and giggles I checked the history, folk have been complaining about this for a looong time.

Why can’t dirt exposed to the sun grow grass, and why is it that we can’t place either one? Landscaping, teraforming, whatever you want to call it, is an integral part of the game, and one aspect where this game fails badly.

5: A Suggestion, Interim Builds: Tents, Yurts, whatever. Something made of pelts that could be moved? Something better than beds in the open that could be built quickly and moved without material penalty, allowing you to build your town on the move?

These may already have been addressed, but as I said, I wanted to give a fresh unbiased view, so aside from searching grass I didn’t read any dev reports or the forum before starting to play.