Been gone awhile

Hey, wanted to say “Hello”, I have been gone a long while now. but i do check up on the boards here and there. Had a lot of personal stuff irl happening. Hopefully Im back now. Anyways, the games looks to be going at a great pace, good job Dev’s. Now some feed back :stuck_out_tongue:

: havent tried it, but watched some vids on it. looks well done. I know there a lot more work for it but great job over all.

: well a nice surprise here
: Will we be able to post building templates here?
:if so needs a building tag

-Rabbit clan-
:Wow, nice. Hope they get their own rig and type of emotions
:I fully agree with comments on stream, they need to be vegetarians.

-Tiering and progression of town-
:Nice work, still feels rushed in progression but i do feel a sence of pace too
:banners feel good but i felt their should be a mining banner compared to the Military banner
:Mining banner could up getting more ore and faster crafting time to bars and the comfort lvl of tight spaces
:the military banner could up the lvl progess of soldiers with exp, fast crafting times on gear and weapons fast running or walking speed to patrols

: another idea of progession would be you reject the kingdoms offer, and to make your own kingdom/empire (they wouldnt be happy about that decision) and we could get roaming band of hearth like goblins in a sence they try to slow you down and attack you too just an idea

-New Building and UI-
:Great job Chris, now my knitpicks
: no slab flooring? lol i kept looking for a way to throw some slab flooring down on the ground w/o walls. Tried using the slab block function, but when i sink it to ground it just disappears.
: the UI is too scatted to me, Love the ui just all over, The original setup worked/works great, I hope yall more streamline it like the original but gets it own flavor :slight_smile:
:Thanks for getting rid of the scaffolding after the building is built, the one thing i hated most was waiting on it to get all torn down.
: Roads, uhm missing the road coloring the red and white stones? in select option of style
:Stairs, are much better now, i mostly didnt use them before due to fact they was just too solid, but now that i can hallow them out. weeee hehe
:Add ladders to the build for us to place as part of the build
:The Eraser and hole option, i would combine the 2, and the eraser/delete icon, i would either make delete icon instead of eraser.
:lastly i had a bug pop, but didnt screenshot it, it cause the game to lag and the UI to be no responsive, also make a noise over and over (repeatedly) nonstop. had to just shut game down

: i wept, :slight_smile: nice job, and hope it get more seasonal then sporadic

-embarking on a new town-
:this is a nice feature
:could we tie the towns together in some way ie shared trade? in some sort of fashion

:hopefully we actually get to see the traders coming then just text
:random events with with npc would be great (exp: a merc shows up and offers services for a couple day to protect your town or to send on quest. {would drain some food as he has to eat} and cost gold)
:an actual inn tag, to make random npc show up and leave, it is a town after all
:guild tags, to make more random events show and for questing too, (you could start a progression line starting with a quest board you can make and place)
: actual shop keepers or make crafters actually sell wares (again town game) Place new counter furniture one for each crafter and when and if we get Npc to show up, they will buy items form those crafters. it can be automated and manual use if the player wants to get involved. I would tie in the new shelving system into it giving a new category to click to sell items that are placed there.

:not totally against text base quest as i was before, messed with some game that had it. But… it would be cool to get some involvement from it like decision making as in to give the dnd feel of adventuring to the quest. Also the other side of thing, questing on the current map would actually make you passive involved, (like taking down a crypt on your map, ect ect)

:scout class? lol

Over all great job to all the devs, great job to all the players with feedback and continuing to support this game. I love this game very much and keep see the direction it going it making it better and better.
Anyways i will be more active again now that i have the time. expect my builds to be coming back

side note: Bearclaw castle was done, but now now Building UI is in ill probably rebuild it in that. Also would love a way to place building templates in workshop, but idk how to lol


Welcome back! As to the workshop I think people are already posting building templates.

They do have their own rig and animation. A sad rabbit with ears flattened is the cutest thing I’ve seen in the game so far.

Military and combat is not our major focus, and it feels bad to have options that are completely pointless in peaceful mode. At least the Hearth of Glory is an actual way to get optional combat in peaceful.

The banner choices should be quite moddable, so while we don’t plan on this for the base game, some enterprising modder can certainly make that happen.

I use sunken slab flooring fairly often. You just can’t drag it more than 1 voxel underground, or it won’t let you build it. There are some display issue where some pixels will show as the slab and some as the current ground, but it’s only a visual bug in design mode.

They do work quite differently though. Chris and Nikki iterated a bunch on this, but merging them always made it only more confusing.

We have a basic version of these planned.

Yes, but we’re working on a much more streamlined way to do that which works in the new builder. The existing template mods are unfortunately only for the old builder.


I dont think it would be very confusing, as in so far as i click the eraser icon it wants to erase a whole section. I would change that to a delete icon a big X, the Hole/eraser icon can be as is, as an eraser or the hole icon. To me what make it confusing, is peeps would come into it think they can erase a block with the Eraser icon and accidentally delete the section. that what i gotten so far.

Well, yeah and no, we do have roaming bands of goblins, undead, orcs, wild animals, trolls, ect ect, and alos titans coming later. the military banner still makes sence, to always be on a watchful eye of those elements, and having a separate banner for mining to move some of the glory banner to it would make sence to me :stuck_out_tongue:

oh i didnt notice it very much :frowning:

Hmm, so when i suck it one voxel it was still there but not showing?

One way would be w/o manifestios, Im not great with coding and mix codes, that just jumbled language to me lol, but a way to just post Building Templates, would love to remake all my build in new UI and share them for other that dont want to build and just plop templates down or someone who would recreate towns of their own.

@micheal_handy76_mh Welcome back! Good to see you here. We’re excited to see what you do with the new builder…

Regarding templates: we will be adding a category for building templates to Steam Workshop soonish. It requires a bit of fussing on our side to make this happen (building templates are handled differently than mods in the game) but we’re tackling it. We also want to be sure that the new builder is solid before enabling this functionality in workshop – old templates won’t work with the new builder, and we don’t want to have people submit templates that will have only a relatively brief lifespan.

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