Back from the grave!

Hello stoneheart community!

I have been gone for nearly 2 years but i am back. When stoneheart was launched on kickstarters i was one of the backers and very exited about the game. Made lost of quibicle creations and had fun time on the forums. Back then the modding was not yet avilable and i decided to wait until the game was more then just a few heartlings making a house.

I decided that i found the game in a good sate of which i found it worthy of starting to create my mods for it so here i am back from the dead.

i am quite curious who will still recognize me :stuck_out_tongue:



I’ve only been here for… almost two years?
Hm, wonder why i never seen you before… oh, i came at Dec 30 and you left at 31, no wonder why! That’s waay to slim of a window

Welcome back! But if you are to model! You’ll now have to Rival Meeeeee! (not really, though…, i seem to have lost the battle already)

Hope to see your work soon!

haha that is idd just walking past each other ^¢^
Oh and i like competition. That drives me to improve so i going to look what you offer as a rival >:3

my first works will soon be there as mod so stay tuned. (i already posted a sample cause i have a minor problem xD)

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