Hello again Stonehearth :)

Hello guys,

It’s been ages since I’ve been back (figured I’d give the crew some breathing room to build their game since after posting my music, the forum became quickly bombarded with some lovely music and fantastic fan talent!).

Things have come a long way since the Kickstarter. How’s everyone been and what’s everyone been up to? :slight_smile:


Welcome back Raj. As you can see we have had quite some interest in composers for the game in the last months and you’ve red Doug’s post on the fan music. Also some artists have joined the community and shared some pretty nice voxel creations. Unfortunately most of the bigger projects are in some kind of pausing mode… but let’s hope that is just the people gathering some energy for the release. Overall it seems like Stonehearth is on a good way for the first, playable release in December…

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hey there @Raj… welcome back indeed! :smile:

as @voxel_pirate has mentioned, we’ve seen a number of talented folks emerge from the community… can’t wait to see what’s being produced once the preview is released…

how have you been? any musical efforts or projects you care to share? :wink: