Stonehearth Community Soundtrack Planning Thread

I’m Doug, a sound designer who just recently joined the Stonehearth team. I couldn’t be more excited to help make this game sound as great as it looks and plays.

We’re still in the planning stages for the game’s soundtrack. The prospects here are very exciting, but we’re not ready to announce anything yet. But, in honor of the incredible fan generated music that we’ve seen so far, we will have a second soundtrack that will be created entirely by you, the community. In game, players will be able to choose which soundtrack they would like to hear.

I have been going through the fan media section of the forum, and I’m blown away by the quality of music already submitted by you guys. We are all super confident that a soundtrack commissioned by our fans will be top quality.

Composers, we’re defining our selection process now, so stay tuned for more specific information. If we choose to use your music in game, you will be compensated; paid, name in credits, high fives, the whole nine! Please link your work here on this thread to share with us all! I will reach out personally to those we feel would best help the project.

Fans - We want to know which tracks created by these composers you enjoyed the most, so please use the like button to let us know!

We would like to put a soft deadline of Dec 15th, 2013 for all samples of work before we make our selections and move forward.




@Doug Welcome on board Mr. Sound :wink:. Great that you have found your way to the forum… (looking suspicious in the direction of Albert).

… and let’s call in the troops: @CaseyEdwards, @Raj, @Omnus, @Voobr, @CGBeauty and @tyrcian. I hope I did not miss anyone.


Hello @Doug! :wave: :blush:


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Doug has been with Radiant for exactly 7 days and the game already feels 10x cooler. We’re not actually sure, in fact, if it’s still the same game we were working on 8 days ago. :wink:


Here is the link for the “official” post.

Hooray! Hip Hip Hooray! :smiley: have some ice cream @Doug :icecream: :clap:

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Welcome, Doug! I look forward to hearing what you come up with.
I am, once again, very impressed with all of the devs. I’ve never heard of anything like this in a game before. I’m sure I’ll have trouble deciding whose soundtrack to listen to!


@Raj You are needed!


I’m working on some stuff, but it’s hardly fantastic. I’ll get cracking and put it up here so you can see what you think and looking at other pieces, it’s not going to get very far. Buuuut if there’s a slight chance to make it into the game, I’ll do my best. To the Notepad…Finale Notepad!

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Thanks for the warm welcome everyone :smile:

@Smokestacks Looking forward to hearing what you come up with!

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A hearty welcome aboard @Doug!! :smile:

There are many folks who have been agonizing over the lack of your particular skill set on the team (myself included)…

Absolutely thrilled to see what you produce… :+1:

P.s. With the ridiculous talent we have in the community, this soundtrack will be stellar …

P.s. #2 @Doug … Would you like for a summary of links to existing music fan threads here?


@SteveAdamo Thanks for the hearty welcome sir! I have looked around a bit for existing music threads and stumbled onto some really great stuff, but I may have missed some. A summary of previous links that I may have already seen, or missed, would be ideal, thanks! :thumbsup:

Oops, I forgot your welcome!

Thank you for your encouragement and I have created a thread for my music [here][1]

Out of interest, when are you looking to have compiled the music? And if you have no idea, a super rough date? Some time next Spring? Next Summer? If it’s after December, I may have some better software :slight_smile:
[1]: Smokey’s Music!

@Smokestacks Great question, that I should have initially addressed in the original topic. I’ve edited the original topic with the answer of, “We would like to put a soft deadline of Dec 15th, 2013 for all samples of work before we make our selections and move forward.” I will check out your thread, thank you for the link.


my pleasure… :wink:

@Raj :arrow_right: Music and Soundtrack

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@CGBeauty :arrow_right: Soundtrack Idea, would like an opinion. (Nowhere near as polished as Raj)

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@tyrcian :arrow_right: S.M.O.M - Stonehearth Music Overhaul Mod

@Smokestacks :arrow_right: Smokey's Music!

@Lomico :arrow_right: Lomico's Music (And eventually Other Things)

edit: forgot to add @Smokestacks new thread! :+1:

edit #2: added @Lomico’s thread, in the even @Doug has bookmarked this post for future reference…


You’re the best @SteveAdamo Much obliged!

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Well @Doug it’s good to have you on board and I’m super duper excited to see what you have cooking.

I’ve done the honour of providing you with a snazzy title. I hope you approve, if not then, well, I’ll try not to cry too much.

And it appears @SteveAdamo as usual has done a lot of legwork, so I’ll go on my way!


@Geoffers747 Title approved, thanks :slight_smile: Nice meeting you sir.


dont let his suave mannerisms and sweet talk woo you… or, at the very least, always go out drinking with him in “3s”…

personally, i would have opted for the title “I dr0p phat beatz”… but perhaps i’m just more in touch with today’s youth…