Soundtrack Idea, would like an opinion. (Nowhere near as polished as Raj)

So I’ve been writing my own compositions for two years, but am kinda crummy with my own program. I don’t know leveling techniques, or equalization and a lot of the technical work. But I’ve been composing for two years with my best friend, who DOES know all the technical work, but not so much of original composition.

I’m from Alaska, and it’s pretty barren here. We don’t have fancy schools, our music programs were cut in High School, and there isn’t really anything to help an aspiring artist here, (if you’re not into folk music anyways) so I’ve been learning on my own for the past two years.

Anyways, I’ve been following the Stonehearth updates, and came up with some ideas for somewhat of the Glacier/Snow biome themes. My work is nowhere near as polished as Raj, who has been working for years, so any constructive criticism would be great from any of you.

This seemed more of like an “adventure” theme, or a trailer/montage song I came up with tonight. Took me about an hour to write up this part, so there’s much more time to be invested into it.

And I’ve heard a lot of people asking about a battle theme. This is also a glacier biome kind of battle theme, hence the name.


I really like the idea of separate themes based on what biome you’re located in, and I work off of a lot of eastern influences.

Again, they’re just some ideas. I heard a lot of people asking for a “battle theme”, so I tried my hand at a little sample.


Very nice!

Although they end a bit abruptly.


Thank you! :slight_smile:

They’re samples, most of my work on soundcloud is samples. Work keeps me away from my home computer a lot, so I compose samples and come back to them. A lot of my work on soundcloud is a bunch of samples that are usually finished, but these ones were composed recently, and I haven’t found a direction in which I want to go with them yet.

But I can definitely make more progess on them and make them go somewhere :slight_smile:

I have a special warmth to Dungeon/Ghost/Dream/Haunted music, so I write in a lot of minor keys. Here are some more examples. They’re older examples, but it’s my writing style.

Maybe I can write some dungeon/cave/ghost music, it comes easier to me.



Excellent Work!

I like the melody, but I am not a big fan of the heavy instruments. I would love to see a sample with light (as in high) notes! Maybe even the same melody.

Perhaps you could swap the heavy brass with… a harp? When I played Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles (the original) they had a harp and wind chimes for the ice level… Why can’t I find it on youtube…

Those deep notes do inspire a “glacial” feel, but it also sounds more Russian.
I like your idea of having different themes for different biomes.

Seriously, I mean all these words as constructive criticism. I am astonished to see so much passion from this community!


Thank you so much for the input :smile:

I’ve recently been using a new Orchestra plugin, so I was playing around with what would sound good with it. I can draw up something more lightweight and ambient, but still fit the feel.

I can especially hear the “Russian” tones, and I think that comes with the heavy brass mixed in. I can definitely take a step back, and use much lighter instruments/plugs, and notes, to fit the style of the game.

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Very nice work, I can’t provide any constructive criticism though because I totally suck with music and about every song is the same to me. :stuck_out_tongue:

Rock on.

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Thanks, I appreciate it all the same. :slight_smile:

And hey, looking at that positively, at least you’re honest with yourself.

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This. I like it. ANOTHER.

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@CGBeauty Tip of the iceburg would probably be my favorite in regards to Stonehearth and maybe even in general. Aside from the clip being too short and not hearing all of it, I’d say you nailed it.

Bulwark of the North is a great piece but possibly too intense for normal battle. Although I could see it working for Titan battles. It really is good battle music and a great piece overall.

Betrayal is too intense for Stonehearth. Though it is a good piece, I don’t think it really gels with the lighthearted feel the game has going for it. A few of the notes were held a bit too long and were a little harsh on the ears. The pause was also a bit too long in the middle. Overall, it is a really nice piece.

Music box of the forgotten is really a great piece that I thoroughly enjoyed… aside from that one long pause. However, I’m not sure how it would fit into Stonehearth given the eerie and ominous vibe that it portrays.

Reverie of the Lost is a very powerful piece with many fine elements to it. However, it may prove a little too intense to be in Stonehearth and it is definitely too mechanical for the game.

To be a Dreamcatcher is a lovely piece that would fit nicely in a winter or icy setting. However, there are multiple places where notes are held a bit too long which means the song could be a bit shorter and end up more moving.

Keep in mind that these are only my opinions and I am not a music professional. I am just a guy that appreciates good music when I hear it. Speaking of good music, you make some really great stuff. I just hope that my critiques can help you improve your craft that you clearly have a talent for. I wish you luck and hope that you keep on making music. :wink:

Betrayal - To be a Dreamcatcher were just examples of his other work I think, not for StoneHearth.

Only the first two songs were meant for StoneHearth.

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@ernierock Yeah, I know. I was just giving my opinions so CGBeauty could have a better idea what to do in the event that they choose to make music for use in Stonehearth… just trying to be helpful. :wink:

Ah okay, but it’s kinda weird saying it isn’t suitable for StoneHearth when it wasn’t meant for StoneHearth, no?

@ernierock I was just mentioning what I thought worked and what didn’t as it pertains to the game. I assumed that the creator of the music wanted feedback on current and past works in order to get a better idea of what may work in Stonehearth.

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I myself would like some more lengthy tones, if you get what i mean. the current tones are quite close together which creates a kind of hyped up energetic feel, which is great for battles, but not for exploring etc.

Good work though!

Random little update:
I made myself a little Stonehearth Banner.

@Nyrixa this is an issue I plan on addressing fully.

@Ben @Lvl0User How does this fit the theme now?


I like this more. Great job!

I really like the section up to the six second mark. Though it reminds me of a winter wonderland that has been untouched. Or, I imagine the first stages of the game, chopping down trees and building your first building. Or for a tutorial! I know it is a step in the right direction (in my opinion).

On a related note:
The more I listen to Tip of The Iceberg, the more I like it. When the drums come in it really makes me think I have a small battle going on. But that brass… hrmm… I will keep thinking about alternatives…


@CGBeauty Pebble Foundations is great! It really feels like something you’d hear at the start of the game when you first enter your new world. It makes you feel peaceful, hopeful, and eager for the next moment. Nicely done. :wink:

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That’s awesome to hear! I figured it would fit the requested style a lot more.


Haha I don’t know what you mean by ‘working for years’ but I appreciate the sentiment nonetheless! Wow, I really like Bulwark of the North and you’ve definitely captured the whimsical art-style of the game with Pebble Foundations. Great work, dude! Would love to see these expanded to see what you can do with them!

That said, musician to musician, I hope you don’t mind some technical feedback! I’ve had to work pretty hard and dig pretty deep to learn some of the tricks I’ve learned so I love the opportunity to spare any other up-and-coming musicians the time and work to have to learn the same thing :slight_smile:

It sounds like a lot of the sounds you’re using are all coming from the same place. It makes everything sound very flat and 2 dimensional. In order to really create a sense of setting and space and make each instrument sound rich and full (in case you’re playing with any delay or reverb effects), I recommend clumping your instruments into categories (plucking mid tones as one category for example, low bass tones for another, pads and strings, etc) and then panning them so every section of sound is coming form a different place (so the listener hears the guitar coming slightly in front and to the left of him, while trumpets could come from the right and a bit distant so the echo can reverberate). Then take THOSE categories and begin to spread them out a bit.

A great example of this is to listen to any work by Brian Eno with headphones (especially U2 or the new Coldplay albums); take out one headphone and you’ll hear things you wouldn’t have heard if you had both in (or certain instruments and parts are more pronounced). It not only enriches your music but it’s a great way to hide little things in the music and give it depth so anyone listening on repeat can really study it (my own example, I guess, would be in Lazy Days where it starts with two guitars picking away and one lazy falls of timing and comes back and then drops out again). It’s a professional technique but really quick to get the hang of and it’s a great way to give your work a bit more polish :slight_smile:

I wish you all the luck in the world, though. Don’t give up on making music and don’t stop challenging yourself! And I’m going to keep checking up on this page so keep posting up great work! :slight_smile:


I saw on some of your work that you’ve made that was Copywrited for 2006, which is a more than the two years I have under my belt. :icecream:

I would adore technical feedback, I’m just drooling at the mouth already with what you’re sharing, especially since I’m a learner from experience. Hearing that you’ve worked hard to get where you are helps drive me to achieve more, and work hard.

The direction of categorizing the sections is something I’ve been stuck on figuring out, but that’s a wall I can climb through trial and error. So I’ll work on figuring out how to give it a more surrounding feel, rather than just coming at the listener from the front.

Also, I noticed you work in the Apple studio program whatever it’s called. I would love to get my hands on some of the plugins/samples you have, but seeing as I run off of a PC, I doubt they’re transferable. I feel a little constrained with my sample options and the tools they come with, but I can dig deeper and find ways to make it work.

I appreciate all the feedback. I run in Fruity Loops Studio 10, don’t know if you have experience in working with the program. I seem to find new tricks out in every sample/song I make, so at least I’m not just going to be grasping at straws with the concepts you’ve said.

Thanks again :smiley:

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