Stonehearth Community Soundtrack Planning Thread

Thanks for the warm welcome everyone :smile:

@Smokestacks Looking forward to hearing what you come up with!

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A hearty welcome aboard @Doug!! :smile:

There are many folks who have been agonizing over the lack of your particular skill set on the team (myself included)…

Absolutely thrilled to see what you produce… :+1:

P.s. With the ridiculous talent we have in the community, this soundtrack will be stellar …

P.s. #2 @Doug … Would you like for a summary of links to existing music fan threads here?


@SteveAdamo Thanks for the hearty welcome sir! I have looked around a bit for existing music threads and stumbled onto some really great stuff, but I may have missed some. A summary of previous links that I may have already seen, or missed, would be ideal, thanks! :thumbsup:

Oops, I forgot your welcome!

Thank you for your encouragement and I have created a thread for my music [here][1]

Out of interest, when are you looking to have compiled the music? And if you have no idea, a super rough date? Some time next Spring? Next Summer? If it’s after December, I may have some better software :slight_smile:
[1]: Smokey’s Music!

@Smokestacks Great question, that I should have initially addressed in the original topic. I’ve edited the original topic with the answer of, “We would like to put a soft deadline of Dec 15th, 2013 for all samples of work before we make our selections and move forward.” I will check out your thread, thank you for the link.


my pleasure… :wink:

@Raj :arrow_right: Music and Soundtrack

@CaseyEdwards :arrow_right: Music and Soundtrack & Stonehearth: Music Themes

@Voobr :arrow_right: Music and Soundtrack

@CGBeauty :arrow_right: Soundtrack Idea, would like an opinion. (Nowhere near as polished as Raj)

@Omnus :arrow_right: Music! Nine themes for Stonehearth [New track: What May Come!]

@tyrcian :arrow_right: S.M.O.M - Stonehearth Music Overhaul Mod

@Smokestacks :arrow_right: Smokey's Music!

@Lomico :arrow_right: Lomico's Music (And eventually Other Things)

edit: forgot to add @Smokestacks new thread! :+1:

edit #2: added @Lomico’s thread, in the even @Doug has bookmarked this post for future reference…


You’re the best @SteveAdamo Much obliged!

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Well @Doug it’s good to have you on board and I’m super duper excited to see what you have cooking.

I’ve done the honour of providing you with a snazzy title. I hope you approve, if not then, well, I’ll try not to cry too much.

And it appears @SteveAdamo as usual has done a lot of legwork, so I’ll go on my way!


@Geoffers747 Title approved, thanks :slight_smile: Nice meeting you sir.


dont let his suave mannerisms and sweet talk woo you… or, at the very least, always go out drinking with him in “3s”…

personally, i would have opted for the title “I dr0p phat beatz”… but perhaps i’m just more in touch with today’s youth…


Hi Doug! It’s great that you’re getting involved with the community. As you probably can gather there is quite a lot of enthusiasm regarding music and sound in general.

To speak for myself, I recently haven’t got much work done with regards to SMOM, as I have been rather busy with my studies. However, in the run up to christmas I plan to get things very active again. I wont spam my thread but I will just repost these two tracks and a link to the relevant thread so fans can listen and like :slight_smile:

Stonehearth Title Theme

Biome: Gentle Grasslands

Check out the thread here: S.M.O.M - Stonehearth Music Overhaul Mod


Since I suddenly can’t find the PM button, I’m just going to add my lovely spam in here… @Doug, would you be able to either allow .XML files on Discourse or ask @Tom to? Just in order to allow me to upload my music :smile:

For the record, we had to call in the big guns the last time we added new extensions…

Paging @system, @system

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@tyrcian The enthusiasm around the music and sound for Stonehearth through our community couldn’t make me happier :slight_smile: I’m glad to hear you have your priorities in check, school > SMOM. I’m a big fan of the work you have already submitted, and am eager to hear more.

@Smokestacks We unfortunately won’t be able to add support for .xml here on the discourse. Maybe you can find a way to host your music on soundcloud or youtube easily enough?


Okay dokey! Well in that case I’ll upload it to my Youtube channel and link it here some point real soon :slight_smile:


well, that does provide for a bit more “permanence” and exposure… win, win! :smile:

im really looking forward to hearing your work too… and im also hoping @Doug’s arrival will bring about the return of our other musical prodigies… :musical_note:

So good to hear that Doug. You may or may not have an idea of how much just one or a small number (in this case) of people supporting a craft like music encourages you to do more. I’ll be in touch :smile:


Hmmm…Well, I haven’t posted to the forums before, but music is one of my passions, and I’ve really enjoyed listening to the rest of the music that has been made. I’ll see about putting something together myself.

Edit: Should we post links/videos for songs in this thread, or should we make a thread for our songs (the way some of the above have) and link that thread here?

Edit 2: Well, Decided to just make a new thread for it, since I would like feedback on it and didn’t want to clutter this thread up. Link: Lomico’s Music (And eventually Other Things)

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@Lomico Thanks so much for submitting these two tracks. You have a real talent.

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@SteveAdamo Thanks so much for the link and for still having an interest in my work, Steve :slight_smile: