Stonehearth Music- Dwarves

Hey all- I’ve been doing some composing. Right now I’m working on a theme for the dwarves, both in general and while they are working. I was also hit with inspiration for a battle theme this morning, so that should be following too.

Ill post stuff here when I have more finished copies.


looking forward to it! :+1:

Have you seen the community soundtrack planning thread?


Cool! :slight_smile: can’t wait!
Who knows, you might be in the soundtrack!

Hey everyone- here is a first draft of some of the music bouncing around in my head. Still playing with levels, and if you heard some weird notes its because im having conversion issues converting to musescore.

I have read the planning thread, but not all the way through. Ill work on that.
I too, am looking for a relatively cheap composing software with good samples.

This was fun. Now to work on battle music. Ill certainly come back to this one to tweak it, but I wanted your thoughts.

Not bad at all for the first shot. Somehow I have the impression the piece could sound a bit more epic if you play it slower. Especially the background is somehow “rushing”. Mighht be only my feeling.

excellent first draft! i was getting a very solid 80’s midi vibe from the entire track…

there were a few stretches that might have gone on for a few seconds too long (repetitive), but overall i enjoyed it… especially liked the drums(?) that came in at around the 0:46 mark… :+1:

i love it it really gets me into the fantasy feeling well done you’ve done what you need to do to make good music

edit: what are the instruments you used? i just would like to know

Thanks everyone.

For better or for worse Stonehearth has turned me into a composer of sorts. That’s the first piece I’ve worked on. Ill give it a few more passes and upload another draft later this week. Thanks for the positive feedback though. I usually stick to digital art and modeling so its very well received.

Ill try slowing it down to to see how that is. and removing some of the repetitiveness, because its certainly there.

This track is a combination of flute, french horn, low-tom (i would like to use bass drum to give the track more of a foundation but the sample i have is wierd and pops), and chello, bass, some piano, and trombone.

I would agree with @voxel_pirate, I would make this maybe 20 bpm slower? And it could benefit from some dynamics, would make it feel a bit more epic. Quite a nice beginning though. :slight_smile:

great minds smokes. its running at 160 now and sounds much better. I had listened to it for so long that i no longer could hear the speed.

Thanks for the feedback. :slight_smile:

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Twasn’t originally my idea, but I’m happy to steal any and all credit from @voxel_pirate. :wink:

Here is the second (read: 11th) draft! Its slower now and re-balanced. Lets have another round of feedback, and I’ll get to work on another piece.


niiice… slowing it down certainly gave it a more menacing feel… loved the deep sounds at the 00:30 mark…

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indeed slowing it down a bit has given it a boost in quality :slight_smile: keep up the good work!

(P.s., i hope you don’t take this as an offence, but the tune reminds me of Runescape a bit)

Haha Ive actually never played runescape, but Ive heard it leaves something to be desired.

Thanks for the positive support.

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Definitely improved, would maaaybe have adjusted the dynamics to properly build up at points e.g. at 0:25 to provide more contrast. At that point I’d also turn down the brass instrument (a french horn?) a little bit.

But to be honest, I’d recommend moving onto the next piece, with a success under your belt already! :slight_smile:

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that all sounds like musical nerd smack talk… :smile:

man, i wish i were more musically inclined…

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Should you want to, you could order from Amazon the ABRSM theory books and work through grades 1-8. Despite being a British organisation, they do run all over the world and you actually could get exams.

But to be honest, what I said is hardly technical, after all, there wasn’t even an Italian word in there (Italian being the language of music e.g. crescendo) :stuck_out_tongue:

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