Music and Soundtrack

Well I think this will be the last of them for a while! Five songs in one! Have a listen, leave a comment! Raj put a ton of work into this last one so we hope you like it! Maybe it’ll help give a boost to get the last stretch goal! :smile:

*edit: Oops! Forgot to add: These tracks are just ideas for the different musical styles of the different factions. makes me excited to play as all of them! Though I’m sure Raj will explain it better waaaaaay at the bottom…

And all the other stuff here of course!

Plus feel free to have discussions about what you’d like to see (hear?) in the soundtrack as you’d like! This doesn’t have to be a complete Raj thread (although, it’s kind of my fault for starting it that way! :sweat_smile:


I am amazed someone has already fan-made music for the game

Peaceful. Clean. This is music I would expect the game to open with when I hit “New Game.”

Music (for me) makes good games GREAT games. Your friend has potential.


Thank you very much! I think he sent the track to Radiant and sent me the link to proof-hear it but it isn’t public yet. I can’t imagine he’ll be mad that I’ve posted it but I’m not going to mention it yet :sweat_smile:

Well we had this idea to make the music customizable and evolving with the game so you would pick one of a few tracks that you prefer and it would be simple and would change based on time of day. Then, as your city got bigger, it would gain more layers and build up to match your progress. As well as battle music, we were thinking after the battles, different music would play based on how it went. Quick victory on invasions would play triumphant music while a lot of deaths and loss in resources would play a sadder but slowly inspiring ‘recovery music’! Plus music would fade out when you went to go check on your adventurers so they would have their own little soundtrack.

I really hope the music is given a big focus too. Like Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy, music was always a big part of those early games for me! :slight_smile:


Wow, that song is so beautiful and peaceful. Very nice. RAJ MANN, can there be a few other example, like maybe battle music or building music? Building music could be more upbeat, and battle music with some loud bass drums beating and scary sounding orchestral.


Umm just out of curiosity, was it a bad thing that I commented on the video? I didn’t actually notice the whole unlisted thing until after I posted…


@Exile1st I think the 93 views might have alerted him to something … ha.


Haha yeah, I looked at the views and immediately thought ‘Steve…’

Thank you for all the feedback, I really appreciate it! I would love to be involved with the project but I don’t know if they have music planned (if that track was trailer exclusive) or not. I can certainly post up some more work if anyone’s interested.

I have an idea to get as much range as possible, from upbeat battle music to something more scary for titan encounters, something sad for recovery music or ominous for dungeons. I’m a huge fan of Yasunori Mitsuda and his layering melodies methods and Koji Kondo’s character hooks and, of course, Joe Hisaishi who is just extraordinary.

So hopefully this will strike a chord (pun intended) with the devs and if not, at least, some fans :slight_smile:

  • Raj

Haha not at all, thank you very much for it :slight_smile: Steve’s just overzealous and excited and who doesn’t want friends like that?


@1moretroubadour I assume music will also be something easily implemented by players into the game, so go for it! Nothing to lose really.


Raj, please do, maybe if we all send them emails suggesting you we can pester them into letting you make more :panda_face:


Just to jump in with something else, drawing from Gnomoria - I don’t know if any of you have played it, but the original music was this old style 8-bit music, he’s recently had some orchestral versions of the tracks done, and you now have the choice of which type plays whilst you play.

Being able to choose certain soundtracks, or create your own for relevant portions of gameplay would be awesome.

Edit: just to elaborate on what I mean by choosing your own:

So in the Music menu you would have ‘Battle Music’ of which there are 10 different pieces all are on by default and will play in a random order, you can then pick and choose which ones you want to play and which you don’t, and you can also import your own into this section

Save the currently selected pieces of music as your own soundtrack, choose between soundtracks.

Replace battle, with anything really - peaceful, building, seasons (spring, summer, I won’t patronise you all any further, I’m sure you are aware of these things we call seasons).


So great! Can you make more?


@Raj check out my thread and discuss some of the music you’d like to see in game and your vision of how to impliment that music nad what it’d sound like.

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Just listened to the music and in my mind I saw the settlers fell trees, build houses, till farms (even heard the sounds of a small village in my head) and just go by their daily lives.

Fantastic work! :smile:


This thread was made first though, that doesn’t really make sense to make more x)


Oof, that sounds amazing… that’s so good! It kind of makes me imagine starting out in the snow, and just exploring to see what you can find. Something I would like to see from the game’s soundtrack is a bit of consistency. Meaning, some games of the sort only feature music when something is happening, but when I’m building and working and doing things I like to be accompanied by a constant stream of sounds and music, so I’d really like to get that from this game. I’d really like for it to be filled with sounds and ambiance effects and all that :slight_smile:

(I think this one perfectly feels the look of the game so far!)


Wow, thank you very much for all the kind feedback! I’ve spent what time I had this week trying to put together a new demo, this one exclusively for Stonehearth. I really hope I can get a chance to contribute to the project, one way or another. It’s unmastered and the levels are everywhere so it sounds clearest with headphones.

Thanks for taking the time to listen! :slight_smile:


Found my password! :slight_smile:


@Raj I really admire your work… very emotional without feeling overwhelming. I love uplifting & moving music in light hearted games with an epic scope like Stonehearth. I think it really gels with the feel that Radiant has cultivated with Stonehearth. I certainly wouldn’t mind listening to your music while playing… well anything. :wink: