Now that we have a lot more music

First of all, I love the music. You guys are killing it. That said, now that we have a bunch of music, with more on the way, perhaps we could get some information about it and control over it?

For example, how about a little pop-up in the corner next to the sun/moon that lists the song title when a new one starts playing. I also wouldn’t mind a “skip” button that takes me to another track in the same “theme” (spring day, winter night, whatever happens to be happening) just in case I’ve heard the same song over and over again a few too many times and want to hear one of the other tracks instead of muting. Or perhaps we could get thumbs up, thumbs down buttons that lets us set some songs we want to hear more or less often, or an outright list of songs with checkboxes in the settings somewhere?

It seems to me that the music is part of the whole experience of the game in a very real way, especially when we start having seasons and weather and other events. Perhaps the player can get some more control over personalizing their experience?

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