Game Music Is Loud

Okay so the thing is that the music in Stonehearth is to load i love love love the music but it is very load and can be bothersome definitely to record with so maybe Radiant Entertainment can add in a option to make the music not so much?

Thank you for your time.

perhaps there is a means of toggling this off in json… paging @Doug, @sdee!

Hey there,

I apologize that the music is too loud for you. I brought the music down in the game overall by 3db a couple patches ago due to similar complaints. I see now that it may not have been enough still. I blame @Raj for creating music that I want to blast too loudly in everyone’s ears till they love it as much as I do.

Unfortunately we do not have music/sfx sliders yet, but will hopefully have that soon. @sdee may be able to shed a bit more information on the .json side of things for a hot fix.


Thank you for this info.

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If you’re on windows you can always mute the the game sound on the mixer… although that does mute all sounds not just the music. I’ve been doing that when I listen to podcasts and still want to play.


I would still like the other sounds and the music but just not as loud.

Sorry, I just had to.


can’t fault you there my friend… :smile:

:musical_note: :musical_note: :musical_note: :heart: @Raj … … … :dancer:


I am the type of person who turns off the in-game music for most games and listens to her own beats. I even do this in MMOs and even Diablo. Is there a way to turn it off so that I can enjoy the game like I want to?

I’m loving the game so far! It’s like seeing a diamond being polished right in front of my eyes!


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This feature will be implemented soon :slight_smile:


thanks for the update @Doug … know that i, for one, will not be exercising my right to turn down/off the music…

not only because i absolutely adore the existing music, but i’m also not sure i could take the look of disappointment on your and @Raj’s faces… :smile:


Thanks for letting us know :smile:

We should be able to adjust the volume of the music in game soon. Till then: Set Volume Levels for Individual Programs in Windows


Is there a way to turn off sound?
I love the soundtrack but sometimes want to listen to something else.

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There is a sound slider in the options menu under the SOUND tab at the bottom.


It may be just me, but it seems that the title screen music is significantly louder than the music during gameplay.


It’s not just you, and you’re correct @coasterspaul. Sorry for being 22 days late on seeing this. I’ve adjusted the title track’s volume to closer match the music during gameplay.


sweet thank you @Doug :smiley:

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Hi all,

I’ve come back to stonehearth after last playing it in Alpha 5. The game music is still really loud and I can’t seem to find a way to make it software in-game. I would like to suggest adding either a music slider in the game or putting some JSON varible in the manifest.json file so we can adjust ONLY the music volume. I like hearing all the other sounds, but the music is really loud.


hey there @WillShattuck, i would normally say welcome to the discourse, but it appears that your just an older user returning :sweat_smile:

there actually already is a slider for the music in-game,

i hope these to screenshots help/make sense.