[MUSIC] Battle Music

Hello first i wanna say that overall i really like the music of StoneHearth but there is one major thing that really kinda ruins the feeling to me.

The Problem
It’s when the battle music starts and stop and starts and stops and we can hear like 4 battle musics at the sametime.
This is extremely annoying and i would love a fix for this or at least for the moment allow us to turn of battle music and i highly suggest that the battle music should also be lowered it’s way to overpowering compared to the normal daily life music of StoneHearth.

I would love to see a change for this and if it’s not prio for the moment to fix/change this i would love to have the possibility to at least shut it off.

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hey there @Banto … I think you make a good point (and this has been raised indirectly a handful of times before) …

let’s page @Doug amd @Raj (forgive the summons, O Great Ones!), and let them weigh in on the topic… :smile:


shouldn’t this be in bugs?

i would consider it both a Bug and a Suggestions since one part is a Bug and another one is a Suggestion

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Yes an option for disabling the battle music still needs to happen. I personally don’t mind not hearing that action theme at all. All i need is a notification. Especially when I have to restart my game because the battle music never ends. Compared to the other music its impossible to tune out.

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Sometimes i feel like a bit lower volume for battle Music and perhaps a Little less stressfull one would be better atleast in my ears :smiley:

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I dislike the battle music simply because it’s so repetitive. There needs to be more variation.


Would be interesting if there was different battle Music for different events such as ogo and depending if it’s undeads ect. I kinda like it in Craft the World when the Music Changes because the undead is coming soon for you.