Stonehearth combat music stuck?

Nothing too major but the music is stuck at the ‘Invasion music’ even though no enemies are nearby.


I can also say, I am having this problem. It is actually quite annoying. I love the game, but the music makes me want to play in smaller intervals of time.

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can you confirm the build you’re playing, as this was resolved in a previous version:


I just got this bug on release-489 (x64) on steam

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@exitheone, does this issue continue to occur even after you close and reopen a game? If so, can you upload the save where this occurs to the Discourse please? As @SteveAdamo mentioned, this should have been resolved previously, and (personally), I find that sometimes the combat music plays because goblins spawned near my trapper, but are beneath some trees and hard to spot…let us know!

Yes the issue persists restarts, discouse says i am not allowed to upload files as i am a new user.

here is a link of the savegame:


Thanks! Yeah…Discourse has some security restrictions on new accounts to try and control spam. No worries, stick around for a little bit, and you should have no issues. Regardless, saves tend to be too large to upload directly anyway, so your method is typically recommended.

I got that before, and it got me the first few times, as I thought a massive bunch of Goblins were coming to kill me, but after a while (about a minute) I realised there were no enemy’s, and that the game kept looping the same song. It was going on for about ten minutes, until it finally ended. It’s happened some other times since and I find it very tedious.

I’m having the same issue. Battle music is on a constant loop, no other background music plays. I’m running r489 (x64)

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Title: Combat music forever.

Summary: Combat music playing non-stop, even when no enemies are near.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Be fighting goblins.
  2. One goblin escapes the fight.
  3. Combat music continues to play, even after all other goblins are dead.

Expected Results: Combat music to stop once town-area was ‘safe’ from immediate threat.

Actual Results: Even with no goblin/skeleton threats nearby, combat music would play on an endless loop.

Notes: I’ve often had the experience of ‘stuttering’ between the combat and regular tracks (if an enemy is wandering back and forth over the danger zone (ha) threshold). This, however, was not - it was constant with no interruptions.

I also completed the main goblin campaign afterwards, thinking maybe the music would stop. Alas, I was wrong.

On reload it still plays, even if the area is safe.


Version Number and Mods in use: Alpha 13, no mods.

System Information: MS Windows 7 Home Premium, Intel Core i7-2600, 16 GB, NVIVDIA GeForce GT 545

look around when this happens mostly there are some worker goblins who are hidding near and run away xD

I did a pretty extensive sweep of the area around me and couldn’t find him. He was definitely nowhere near my town (and nowhere close enough to trigger the music normally).

I also cleared about 3 or 4 more big goblin camps (the ones with wolves), all over my current ‘plateau’ and sent my soldiers to deal with them - still couldn’t find that goblin, even when the whole area was revealed.

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Send your save file to us, so we can check what’s wrong. I would guess there is indeed a goblin, but just not visible, maybe stuck inside a building or something. Also it will be useful for the devs in case it is a real bug.


Hey there @aheeheenuss, welcome to the Discourse! While in most cases this is a result of a single sneaky goblin, there have also been reports where this does seem to be a bug, as no enemies are present. Going to merge this with the existing thread, however, please do upload your save file as requested by @BrunoSupremo. If you need assistance doing so, please do not hesitate to ask :smiley:!

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Battle Music Keeps playing
I accepted a new Hearthling into my village and it discovered a patch of land covered in goblins. I sent my foot soldiers to investigate and take care of the problem and I did. But, my battle music keeps playing even though there is no danger in sight and it continues to play I searched all over my village and I don’t see any enemies. I tried to restart by saving and loading it up again but it continues to play.
Steps to reproduce:

Expected Results:
Fix music and flow of the game.

Actual Results:



Version Number and Mods in use:
Stonehearth 0.13.0 (release 491) x64 build
System Information:

I can confirm this is also happening to me, reproducing it is difficult but if you play long enough it will happen eventually.

This has happened to me before, and it just goes away at some point! :confused:

Welcome, @Novalisk.

If you could upload the save here or somewhere else, it would be useful for the devs to debug this issue.

Sometimes it’s a hidden goblin somewhere, but other times people search everywhere and can’t find enemies, so we might be facing a real bug.

I think that maybe the enemies are spawning on unaccesible areas and we can’t see them, but that might be wrong.

Seeing that we keep having confirmations on this bug, tagging as Confirmed.

How do I send a save file?

Here it is

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