Combat Music on repeat

Title says it all, the combat music is on a loop and will not go away. I’ve searched every corner of the map, checked in the mines; everything and cleared out every enemy I’ve found and it has not gone away. I’ve tried saving and reloading, but it’s permanently on whenever I use that save file now.

Version is Alpha 11, attached picture shows my processing bar.


sorry, no feedback on the bug… but wow, what a glorious castle/keep! :smiley: :+1:

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Hello. I have the same problem :confused: I don’t know how to fix it.

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I had the same bug and it was caused by a goblins thief being stuck in my walls …


one my hearthings are filling there backpacks with loot then droppign everything exactly where they picked it up and 2 the danger near music is looping indefinantly

Hi there, @dutchuss2016 :smile:

I’ve merged your post here. The first bug you mention is a known one and the devs have been working to fix it, so hopefully we’ll see the fix soon.

Hello I hopped into the Early version of Alpha 11 and everything is amazing and id like to show one bug. The action music when your in a goblin battle is never ending and i made sure there were no goblins so that is one bug that needs fixing cause it keeps throwing me off. Another bug i found was when i tried building some castle walls it wouldn’t let me place blocks. it just got rid of the little shadow of the block and it repeated that over and over. My unique user id is : d1796df2-1ce2-11e5-9788-ac220bc44723

Hope you get this


I don’t know if this has happened to anyone, but I have the hostile music stuck in the background with no enemies around. I saw a goblin running then disappearing into thin air. Could this maybe be the cause of the sound being stuck? Restarting the game does nothing.

Definitely happened before…but I am on my phone so I can’t search easily. What version of the game are you running?

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merged and [tagged] … thanks! :+1:

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A post was merged into an existing topic: Action music loops until game is restarted