Action music loops until game is restarted

Whenever a sound plays one time it constantly plays in a loop. This is all music not just battle music.

0.12.0 release 460

Hello @flashand

You mean the background music or the sound effects?

The background music is always playing, and is different for the day and night.

action music, when something occurs. Say a skeleton shows up that music will persist until you shut the game off. and some times it will still be saved as game state after you restart. edit: or a character levels up or gets promoted these all constantly play. some times getting 2-3 sounds overlapping

Hey there @flashand, is this still an issue for you in the latest builds? Have you been able to reproduce it?

this is happening to me all the time too, even if i save before it happens and load the old save file again it still repeats itsself. hopefully it gets resolved soon as its really offputting

Same here, loading my current save has the “combat” music per say constantly playing, once enemies show up and die, it reverts, but then after a min or so the combat music comes back.

Happening in the linked save

Dropbox of game save folder.

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@cypher50, the folder does not seem to be linked, just the metadata.json. Can you double check your link to ensure that the client_state.bin and server_state.bin are included as well?

Sorry about that, corrected the link.

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This has happened in my game every time I try to play it. I’m running Alpha 13.

I take the goblin camp and the battle music just keeps playing. My soldiers calmly go about their patrols. Everything else is otherwise normal…but the music makes it seem all very dramatic and intense.

My hearthlings all sit around the campfire or slumber in their little beds…TO THE EXTREME!!!

Hey there @Aster, welcome to the Discourse! Would you be able to upload the save game where this is an issue?

Hey, this is happening to me too. I’m putting my save file here:

<div style=font-size:9px;font-family:Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;width:127px;font-color:#44a854;> file upload

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Welcome to the Discourse @Kerma, thanks for the save!

Same issue here… I tried turning the music all the way down but I still get the battle intro and ending fanfare over and over again. I can’t continue playing because it’s driving me mad

Hey there @Matthew_Migliorisi, welcome to the Discourse! Mind sharing what version of the game you are playing? This was definitely and issue in A12 and A13, but fixes have been worked into the development builds of A14…

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Something I’ve run into since alpha 14 now is once in a while when the battle music begins there is no way for it to stop unless you reload the game. Not sure if this is new or not but it’s only begun behaving this way for me since the latest build.

Hey there @8BitsofSteel, welcome to the Discourse! This issue has been reported before, but I have not heard any reports of this in the recent Alpha 14 builds. Can you confirm that there are no enemies near your Hearthlings? I have found that sometimes a stray goblin in the forest near a Trapper (for example) has caused it for me…

I’ve actually run into what 8bitsofsteel has mentioned. Once it starts, it doesn’t stop, unless of course combat is initiated & finished. That is 50-50 though that it will stop in that instance. Usually though I would have to reload in order for the music to stop.

Granted there is a pack of wolves nearby, like 20 or so blocks away; which are stranded. That is around the corner of a mountain and line of sight is a distance away. roughly 20-30 blocks from any hearthling. the wolves spawned there when I had a ladder leading down there in a prior update, but since removed ladder and they are now stranded there.

Was mentioned in my post indirectly. ended up noticing both the battle music not stopping and the other end combat double victory one. 2807. That post had a file attached of my save, which shows you distance those wolves are, if loaded up. So how close is close enough for it to not be initiating battle music; beyond the other event encounters?

My hearthlings don’t exactly wander over that far near the wolves since taking down the ladder that accessed them; nothing to do in that area far as I know. Every other creature… are even further away.

Didn’t experience the combat music continuously going in the prior versions of A14, just the mentioned one. I think that save was started in the 2797 build(The one prior to 2807), but was loaded up in the 2807.

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Thanks for all the detail. I am not sure the range for triggering the combat music, @linda might be able to confirm.

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