Randomly Playing Battle Music (r-821)

Okay, I’ve been noticing this happening since I started playing the latest branch of the game. For some reason, completely at random, the battle music plays when there’s no enemies or battle taking place. It’s led me to a bit of a panic in a few cases, because my settlements were secure.

In any case, it’s nothing game breaking, but I figured I should bring it to the team’s attention.

Thanks for reading. And thanks for continuing to work on making this game better.


Sometimes there has spawned a wolfpack, varanuspack or even a zombie in the woods. They can be hard to detect, but if a hearthling passes by near them, the music kicks off, even if the enemy cant get to the hearthling (trapped on a ledge) Next time, try and see if any of your hearthlings are out collecting anything and the zoom in under the trees to have a look after wolfes :slight_smile:

I have. Nothing. I started an RC game as a test since it’s hard to miss something when you’ve miles and miles of nothing but miles and miles. Still came up with the music despite there not being an enemy in sight.

When I play Ascendancy, I tend to favor islands so it’s pretty easy to see. Nothing on the island itself. Nothing in the water.

Usually, the music doesn’t kick on until the hostiles are actually engaged somehow. Line of sight should make no difference. The music starts up when my combat units engage. This is very different.

If it were as you said, the moment the enemy alert pops up then the music should begin. That hasn’t been how the game’s worked to now. The music has always waited until my Hearthlings actually engage the hostiles (hit or be hit themselves), not before.

Well it might be a bug then! You should tag it as a bugreport then, so the devs can take a look :slight_smile:

Mostly this post was to see if anyone else experienced the same thing. If enough people had, then I was going to bug report it. I’m still collecting potential information on attempts to replicate it, but it seems to really be a random thing.

And I did just have some stonelings attack my guys. No battle music until they smacked the trapper.

(Also, I like the battle music… A lot. I don’t mind it playing at random if it wants to. LOL)

I am stealing that.

Not all enemies have pop ups. And the music is based on sight. That said, when it happens, you can use debug tool to find the enemies.
To find if it is a bug or there is an enemy hiding somewhere, maybe even in a place where it is not supposed to be: Click the object browser (1) then in the list icon (2). In the left a new window will appear (3) with the list and amount of all entities in the game.

Clicking in a url in that list will bring a new one with a list of all entities with that name.
So if you find a mob url there, like “monster:goblin”, you can click on it to reveal a list of goblins in the map, and there is a little :mag: that will move the camera to that entity.

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It’s actually a somewhat common saying where I’m from, so go ahead. LOL

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I’ve had mobs right in the middle of my camps before and the music didn’t start until someone actually engaged. Maybe the music’s spotty in the alpha phase of the game?

I say this because when I start the game, I don’t always have sound so I find myself closing and reopening the game until I get the title music.

I think there is some code to avoid the music going on and out when the mobs are at the edge of the detection range. Maybe that is a cause for it failing.
I also have the same problem about starting the game and having no sound, completely at random.
But I couldn’t help with that issue because I have a faulty mouse, and that hardware failing somehow could cause the game sound to fail too. If your pc is fine, you could report that as a second bug.

Well, at least you know that the mouse isn’t the cause in your game. :wink:

Experienced that too. Especially strange when you are at a see-through location and can bet there is no one around.

I had this problem today. I opened a save file. Get into a fight with wandering monsters. I kill them all but the battle music keeps playing. Undeterred I keep playing for 2 more hours. Te battle music never stops. multiple other fights, cleared out 2 goblin camps and a graveyard. Set the tow to alert several times.

I am running the 1.0 release that I bought last week.
This only seems to happen with the green hearthlings in a forest / plains biome. My blue northerners in the winter biome don’t seem to have this problem and my desert folk are on peaceful so I can’t comment on their music.

I found a quick workaround. After a battle I wait for the next auto save, then reload that save. The music goes back to normal until the next fight.

Perhaps adding a function to the UI refresh (f5) that stops and resets the music. It’s not the ideal solution but it might be quicker than hunting the root cause.

Last night, I was enjoying a similar issue. The battle music was starting a couple of minutes post-fight. It also seems to sometimes get triggered when I get travelers visiting.