Night Audio Bug

I just installed the game, i played it for about an hour, got to the 5th night and the Invasion and new day music/ some other music start playing over and over again on top of eachother. I dont know if this is a client bug, or something else.
This only seems to happen at this night.( well it didnt happen on the day or the nights before that.)
The music stops when i press esc, but it happens again when i close the esc menu.

Please fix this, its REALLY annoying xd.

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By the way, your game is awesome

Did any of your hearthlings die during the invasion? Apparently the music sounds where someone died, even if you move the tombstone to another place, but @yshan said that it’s fixed for Alpha 11.

Although someone mentioned this in another report (the music playing when in Esc-menu) it was during day, and you have it happening during night… :confused: