Battle music without interruption, Soldiers sometimes attacks without my command

The problem is a well-known , the battle music plays without interruption .

The second problem , the soldiers attack distant enemies without that I had ordered it .

My savegame (auto save)

as far as im aware of your footmen auto attack anything they or your other Hearthlings come across.

if your Hearthlings are attacked your foot men go running to deal with it

but the enemies a far away, so far away, that there is no hearthling.

maybe @linda knows something?

Hmm…non-ending combat music was supposedly fixed is develop 2795, and I (personally) have not encountered it playing 2795 or 2797…will take a look at the save, see what I can!

I haven’t noticed any non ending battle music. only noticed it stop then start right back up. most of the time its because of invaders or my hearthings are close to a monster

And I got nothing…removed all the enemies I could see via console, created a bunch of footman - sent them out on patrol, removed lots of trees. Seems the audio issue is still around.

Goog morning, with the new update it look like it is fixed. i have get the update some ours later. thanks for your fast help.