More Frequent Ingame Music

Something i noticed recently is that it seems to me that the Frequency of the Ingame music has been lowered by a lot and it’s quiet a lot ingame.

I wish i could have music running all the time either with a setting on your own or for it to be playing all the time.
Really miss having the Beautiful Music in the Background and lately i been filling it in by myself in videos because i think its lacking.

Not sure what everyone else thinks of the frequency of ingame music.


i still feel like this is bad tbh. There are so many long periods where games goes almost 100% silent it’s so weird :slight_smile:

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Will this perhaps change anytime soon or let us choose how often? sometimes game goes 100% quiet and it’s really awkward and you think something is wrong :slight_smile: my brother recently started playing the game and he also said it to me without me even talking to him about it

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