Music! Nine themes for Stonehearth [New track: What May Come!]

Hey everyone! I’m a composer and gamer, and recently I’ve become really interested in Stonehearth. I started thinking about what kind of music a game like this needs, and I decided to put together a demo reel with some scenes from the trailer and gameplay videos.

Stonehearth is obviously a voxel game, but it’s not just ANY voxel game. There are lots of procedural voxel games out there, and most of them take the same musical approach as Minecraft: really minimal and mostly ambient. But honestly, I think Stonehearth deserves its own unique style. After all, it’s a game of epic cities and battles, and the landscapes are truly beautiful! I took the approach of using orchestral sounds to evoke the breathtaking, epic nature of the game world, and I also added in some subtle electronic effects and/or sounds to give it a fresh, modern atmosphere.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy it!

What May Come (possible Title Screen music)

Harvest Gathering (town/building/working music)

Sun and Stone, building and exploring music!

Here’s some Boss Battle music featuring awesome fan-made cube art from the forums!

Here’s a demo of environmental music for the Swamp and Underground areas
Stonehearth - Swamp and Underground demo music

Here’s another piece of music with a timelapse of some gameplay:
Stonehearth - Demo music with timelapse

And here’s another one with a more “trailer” type feel
Stonehearth - Music demo by Alex Yoder


@Omnus I really like your take on the game. However, I noticed that the battle music sounded much more “16 bit” then the other two which didn’t really have much, if any, “16 bit” elements to them at all. Overall, the three pieces were lovely and understated. Great work! :slight_smile:

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@Lvl0User Thanks! You’re right, the Battle Music represents a slightly different take, with an obvious electronic part. Could the two different styles exist together? Maybe…but it would probably be best to choose one of the two. I couldn’t make up my mind! Maybe you or other people have an opinion one way or the other?

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Nice tracks. This game is incredible to have so many talented people working so hard!

I think you may have to choose one or the other… I personally like the non-16 bit songs. They do a great job describing the wonder of building, and the majesty of a thriving civilization.

I think the reason I can’t quite wrap my ears around the battle music is because the other two pieces aren’t 16 bit. Its a bit repetitive and isn’t as smooth as your other two tracks. Could you re-upload the battle music in non-16 bit form? Or perhaps the entire track in 16 bit form?

Again, I admire how much passion is in this community already. I mean all the things above as a my honest opinion with no ill feelings, and I will like your tracks one way or the other. In fact, I am exploring your other music…

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I gave it a listen, it was really nice but doesn’t seem like it’d fit in a game, more like trailer music, but I loved all of them.

@Ben Thanks for the feedback. Ya, the battle music is quite different from the other two. I might do a purely orchestral version of it, like you mentioned - although I am working on some other projects at the moment. Anyways, I hope I was still able to get my point across about the musical “philosophy” of Stonehearth. Thanks for listening and for checking out my other music!

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@Chaze007 Thanks for the kind words! I think a good portion of it could fit in a game, with a lower volume level. But I think you’re right, it does have a trailer feel to it, especially with the way the video is cut together. I think I might try to compose a piece that’s a little bit longer for the “exploration/building” part of the game that lets the listener sort of absorb the environment a little better (I’m thinking sort of like a Skyrim style, but with some really soft, subtle electronic sounds).

very well done @Omnus … if anything, i would like to hear more of the “town” music… im a sucker for soothing piano tracks… :slight_smile:


@SteveAdamo you got it! I’m working on some new stuff I think you’ll dig. :smile:

Wow, exceptional work! I’m a big fan of the exploring and town themes; I’d love to see the direction the town theme goes! Are you a Logic user as well?


I just updated the first post with a new track! Check out the first video to hear it, along with a timelapse of the first gameplay video! This one includes strings, a harp, some soft trombones and horns, and even some “tinkling” glass instruments that sound like something one of the Blacksmiths might make.

@Raj thanks! I loved the stuff of yours I heard! I actually use Cubase and good old fashioned pencil and paper to write. If I had a Mac I’d probably use Logic, I think.


I like the new track alot! Great job!

It’s just on the edge of ambient music, perfect for a peaceful day in the city. The “tinkling” glass really pulls it together. Light notes seem to please everyone’s interpretation of the game, so those instruments worked out well!


@Omnus love the new track… those horns around the 1:05 mark caught me by surprise though! :slight_smile:


Thanks for the feedback again guys!

Here’s a new piece I just wrote today, for the swamp and underground environments. Hope you enjoy it!

Swamp and Underground Music


Reminds me a lot of FF7 - can’t quite place which songs, but it does.

I really like it, but for me it feels more like it’s some sort of funeral song - or at least a sad and sombre song, like the day after you lost a battle and the settlement is mourning the dead.


@Omnus Love it! I really like how you subtly worked in some “16 bit” music. I definitely wouldn’t mind exploring the dark places of the world while this plays in the background. :wink:

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@Omnus you should really give small tutorials, or lessons, or something! I’d like to know how you arranged it and with what :c I want to get into this but I’m not too great with settings.

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I like everything I heard. But I think you should try to add some upbeat music. For exploring and battles. These songs are more for night time and late night settings. Like when your traveling at night or when everyone in your town is sleeping.


@Omnus wow, another fantastic track! i dont know if it screams underground or swamp to me, but it was very somber… if those strings weren’t in there, it would have been funereal! :smiley:

i love it, but i dont know what mood it evokes from me…


i agree with this statement, Thu i enjoy the soft symphony, maybe few upbeat tempo ones too mix it up would be good. either way love the music so far!