Julian's Music!


Waited until the 15th to post this one so hopefully I’m not too late!

Hello, my name’s Julian and I’m a composer. I love the ideas and look behind Stonehearth and I’m very excited for it! I have a YouTube channel where I post the music that I write. I wrote the music for the trailer for Falskaar which some of you who play Skyrim may have heard of. It’s been a really busy exam season for me the past week or so, so I haven’t had too much time to compose.

Anyway, I decided to write this piece which is inspired by Stonehearth, and I hope you guys enjoy it! Back to studying!

The New World

Stonehearth Community Soundtrack Planning Thread

Loved it! As soon as it started I imagined a place like the Shire, I would love to listen to this while playing!


@Doug make sure you clock this one! It’s still the 15th :stuck_out_tongue:

As for your piece @Julian I’m a massive fan. I don’t really have much to offer in terms of criticism but just chalk me up as a fan of it!

Really gets across that feeling of a fresh start!

Do you want me to embed the video for you?


Oh wow. That was gorgeous. I suggest you head here:

And link your thread, meanwhile I shall just call Doug over here. stupid Geoffers, ninja me

Seriously dude. You’ll make me cry now when I listen to my stuff.


Thanks guys! I’m glad you’re enjoying it, I am really happy with how it turned out.

@Geoffers747 Sure, thanks!


better late than never @Julian! :smile:

now, to give this a listen…

edit: wow… that was just beautiful! very, very nostalgic vibe from that track… sort of overworld exploration…

can’t wait to hear more!


@Julian always showing up to the party fashionably late.

This song is great, and it fits the 16 bit style near perfectly. Thanks for submitting your work sir!



Love this its really fitting i enjoyed it allot, Thanks for brightening up my day and getting me inspired and anxious for them game


I like this. You know, usually I get a feel of what the music could be about, and I have kind of an idea: the Lagomorph theme! It sounds kind of clanlike, simple, fits perfectly for a herbivore style peaceful race!


@SteveAdamo Thanks! I debated calling it The Explorer actually, but it didn’t fit as well in my mind.

@Doug Sorry, was busy helping Mer into his gloves :blush:. Glad you think so, thank you!

@the5minfilms No problem, thanks for listening!

@Swift_Cube It definitely feels nature-y to me. I think @SteveAdamo hit the nail on the head with overworld exploration in my mind.


Wow, wonderful piece of music.


its really is. I love it, its kinda heartwarming make me want to grab a sword pack a bag of food and go exploring a forest looking for an adventure and see what it has to offer, going to be on repeat for me for today


It’s wonderful! :slight_smile: I’m sure they’ll implement this to the community soundtrack!


I love this, and I think it captures the simplicity of Stonehearth wonderfully.


I think this could be the next Stonehearth trailer music. At the beginning everything is lovely and wonderful.
And then comes the TITAN and smashes everything …

Can we vote to implement this music / create a list with the top ten music titles?


Agreed. I’ve probably listened to it a good 10 or so times and I would love to hear this in game! Don’t make me turn the music setting down!



Your composition goes up to 11. Good job, @Julian! :+1:


Andddddd Now I can take them to work with me thanks to Bandcamp :smiley:


Thanks for all the nice comments guys!

@FatKungFuu and thank you very much, good sir! :smile:

Edit: Also, feel free to leave suggestions for theme’s you would like to hear. I will be away for the holidays but I will be back and composing again early next year!


can’t think of any track suggestions… suffice it to say, based on your last submission, anything you offer will be happily accepted! :wink: