Stonehearth Music - Vaughan

This is where I will post any music I create for Stonehearth.

Full Stonehearth Aria: (Will probably keep working on it)

Stonehearth Aria.pdf (23.4 KB)


thanks for starting a new thread to house your tracks! :+1:

im not sure where the Aria might fit, but i love the “simplicity” of it… very soothing piano track… but i will stop now, and let someone more musically inclined given a more thorough review… :smile:

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@SteveAdamo So would you say you would like a lot calmer, gentle background kind of stuff? (Rather than “themes”?)

I also quite enjoy the piece, although I would echo Steve’s words that I wouldn’t know where it would go. It almost sounds Title screen music to me, although at 0:50 a bit less so.

What we have seen before this is the music really fleshed out, almost entirely including an orchestra. Now what Stonehearth is to be, I don’t know. It would be interesting if you @Doug could give us any insight; are you planning on large orchestral pieces, or solo piano pieces, or anywhere in the middle ground? As I’m looking to expand a few of my earlier pieces to include as many instruments as Finale permits, and I’m wondering whether I should/how much so.


@Smokestack Indeed. That information would be extremely helpful. I didn’t orchestrate it because I though we were looking for more of piano solos.

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I’m already a big fan of yours. Pretty awesome stuff here.

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Aria sounds like maybe a peaceful evening. I’d imagine fighting against “Titans” to sound harsher or darker. Still, it sound really cool! You sure have skill.

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@Vaughan Great work sir! I’m an avid pianist myself, so I feel right at home with tracks like this. To help answer @Smokestacks and your question, we are going to want a bit of everything actually. There will be times when a simple track with potentially one or two instruments will fit the setting perfectly, and others that will require a fuller arrangement. My gut reaction after hearing ‘Stonehearth Aria’ was Credits Music! Thanks again for sharing Vaughan :slight_smile:


high praise indeed! :+1:

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I have an idea for a song that I have decided to call “The Titans,” I am going camping this weekend so I will bring my keyboard app and some Manuscript paper, hopefully by Monday I will have something to show you guys. As of right now it is simple, but I will most diffidently expand it. I plan to orchestrate this one I think… Wish me luck, and have a nice weekend!