Notable Forum Posts by Likes

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Here the Top 5 of each category, based on amount of “Likes” within the thread. Not sure if this is really representing the most interesting topics in this forum, but for sure there are some good ones beneath them…


Community Feedback:

  1. “Workshop Modelling Livestream - Thursday 13th June 2013 - 16:00 PDT” (:heart:: 82)
  2. “What systems do you game on?” (:heart:: 68)
  3. “Qubicle Competition Theme Suggestions” (:heart:: 58)
  4. “Qubicle Competition Theme Suggestions - Week 2” (:heart:: 53)
  5. “The workshop design” (:heart:: 44)



  1. “Live Stream Question Bank” (:heart:: 95)
  2. “[Dev Blog] - Moving Day!” (:heart:: 64)
  3. “25 June Live Stream: Coding some UI in in HTML and JS” (:heart:: 54)
  4. “Livestream at some point in the indeterminate future UNANNOUNCED!” (:heart:: 37)
  5. “[Dev Blog] Like a Volleyball Team of Hyperactive Goldfish” (:heart:: 36) :new:


Fan Media:

  1. “Music and Soundtrack” (:heart:: 366)
  2. “Tales of Stonehearth: People with Swords” (:heart:: 289)
  3. “Stonehearth memes?” (:heart:: 169)
  4. “Music! Nine themes for Stonehearth [New track: What May Come!]” (:heart:: 108)
  5. “CSI: Stonehearth (Live-Stream Dissection)” (:heart:: 54) :new:



  1. “Dark Subject - What happens to dead people?” (:heart:: 100)
  2. “Thoughts on Children and Population Growth” (:heart:: 72)
  3. “Category definition for Gameplay” (:heart:: 56)
  4. “No spider please” (:heart:: 42) :new:
  5. “Trains and steam ships” (:heart:: 33)


General Discussion:

  1. “[Giveaway] Stonehearth Swag!” (:heart:: 153) :new:
  2. “Getting to know one another” (:heart:: 83)
  3. “Will there be game testing?” (:heart:: 82)
  4. “The Nation Guilds of Stonehearth” (:heart:: 75) :new:
  5. “Brony Thread - Any MLP fans?” (:heart:: 73)



  1. “Anyone concerned if they don’t reach 400k?” (:heart:: 61)
  2. “What’s your idea for a proposed $75 tier?” (:heart:: 23)
  3. “What did I actually backed for?” (:heart:: 17) :new:
  4. “$650,000 Stretch Goal ideas” (:heart:: 16) :new:
  5. “Modding Livestream TODAY- Friday 17th May 11:00 PDT 19:00 BST” (:heart:: 15)
  6. “Heads up - New Kickstarter Stretch Goals” (:heart:: 15)



  1. “The Roman Mod (Rome comes)” (:heart:: 156)
  2. “Star Trek TNG: Crash Landing Mod Idea for Stonehearth” (:heart:: 130)
  3. “Sungai Tribe Mod (Full Tribal Conversion)” (:heart:: 124)
  4. “Fallout Conversion” (:heart:: 121)
  5. “Nihonjin (Avarian’s Japanese Mod)” (:heart:: 93)


Modeling & Animation:

  1. “Qubicle Creations” (:heart:: 641)
  2. “I think I need to get out more” (:heart:: 533)
  3. “Pepe’s little voxel & board game corner” (:heart:: 387)
  4. “Tobias’ Norsemen (and women) WIP” (:heart:: 237)
  5. “Unofficial Model- and Template-Files for Qubicle” (:heart:: 186)


Other Games:

  1. “Minecraft meet up!” (:heart:: 179) :new:
  2. “Slave to Armok: God of Blood: Dwarf Fortress” (:heart:: 94) :new:
  3. “Epic Civ 5 Game, Anyone?” (:heart:: 92) :new:
  4. “Hobby Project - The Beat” (:heart:: 68) :new:
  5. “DwarfCorp - Kickstarter campaign” (:heart:: 68) :new:


Scripting & Code:

  1. “Best self-teaching resources for Java, C++, others” (:heart:: 40) :new:
  2. “Modding in Lua - An overview” (:heart:: 36)
  3. “Run JavaScript (incl. jQuery, Ember.js and Handlebars) online with JS Bin” (:heart:: 11)
  4. “Lua: Sources Of Information (Tutorials, Guides, Books, References, etc.)” (:heart:: 11)
  5. “Lua Script: ‘Highest (Lowest) Number’” (easy) (:heart:: 6)



  1. “An elegant solution to carrying large objects” (:heart:: 75)
  2. “Custom Armor and Weapons (Suggestion)” (:heart:: 69)
  3. “Mounts!, we need mounts! And relationships!” (:heart:: 56)
  4. “A Dangerous path” (:heart:: 55)
  5. “Cartographers and things out of sight” (:heart:: 27)



  1. “[Petition] Make Stonehearth Kingdom into the Official Forums” (:heart:: 44)
  2. “[Please Note] We’re currently experiencing performance issues” (:heart:: 35)
  3. “Oct 2 Stream not saved on twitch?” (:heart:: 31) :new:
  4. “Forum upgrade downtime - 2013/08/13 18:00 UTC” (:heart:: 30)
  5. “How can I change my avatar?” (:heart:: 18)


Translation and Localization:

  1. “Joint translation efforts” (:heart:: 38)
  2. “Community Translations: Volunteers (Overview)” (:heart:: 36)
  3. “Hey all! Want to translate the game (Spanish)” (:heart:: 13)
  4. “Collaborative Translation” (:heart:: 2)
  5. “Category definition for Translation and Localization” (:heart:: 0)



  1. “[NOTE] Stonehearth Release Information / Pre-order Options” (:heart:: 141) :new:
  2. “Livestream 10th September 2013 - 4pm PST” (:heart:: 43)
  3. “Official Community Twitter Feed - Follow Us!” (:heart:: 37)
  4. “Stonehearth Gaming Steam Group” (:heart:: 12) :new:
  5. “Recommend a Microphone for our Livestreams” (:heart:: 10) :new:


Updated on October,13th and subject to change :wink:


again, you are a beautiful human being… actually, probably more machine than man, but still… :heart_eyes:

The insane amount of hearts used in one post is lovely :yellow_heart:

Love the thread. You’re metric favors older threads. Would be interesting to see a second list that is something like “number of likes divided by days since first post.” This would be a measure of sustained popularity. I think some of the locked threads in the first list might fall out of the second.

Some of those threads are huge. Some of those threads have an insane number of likes. :smile:

wow… mathematician much? :smile:

still, you make a good point… make it so @voxel_pirate! :stuck_out_tongue:

Physicist, actually.

oh yeah? well… i speak fluent Pig Latin… and can do some killer origami… :smile:

if i take one of my own threads… this stat would come to 2.19 (70/32)… not entirely sure what we can do with this, but i like it… :wink:

Ooyay ancay ooday illerkay origamiay? Eemay ootay!

If I ever find “Origami for the Connoisseur” again, I will buy it in a heartbeat. Too bad it is out of print.

2.19 likes per day. Is that good? I don’t know but it is interesting. I wonder how other threads would fare.

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Just updated the list. We have 13 new threads compared to the last overview. Quite an active forum we have :wink:.

you continue to amaze and delight with your number crunching prowess… :1234:

Updated… 17 “new” topics in the Top 5 (and one categorie :wink:).

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again, wow! here’s another fun-fact… this thread must rank up there in the top 1-2 with the most number of embedded links… :smile:

I know this is necroposting, but is there any chance of this being updated?

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