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So I was at our little Discourse “Homepage”, if you will, looking at the latest and greatest topics, when I started looking at the stats along the side. This made me wonder, what topics have the most posts, likes, and views? Which posts have the most likes? The most replies? Thought it would be fun to see, and maybe have like a top five, but I wasn’t sure how to view this. So instead of trying to figure it out, I shall go like this. @Geoffers747, @SteveAdamo. (That’s in alphabetical order btw). And it does appear you have the power to do some such nonsense.

There you are, something to do with your time that is a little more…PG, than your current activities. :expressionless:

…This is a water buffalo. Thank you for your time :water_buffalo: Wanders off singing “Everybody’s got a water buffalo. Mine is fast but yours is slow…”

Agree, I would also like to see some additional sorting / search functions in Discourse. Unfortunately it seems like this feature is not in yet, not even for the moderators / admins. Here a quote from @system on that topic (made in July):

It does come up, and we want to do it, but it has never been urgent.
There aren’t that many people complaining about it.

Looks like it may be important on the admin pages first, though.

You don’t ask for much do you?! Although I’m afraid I don’t think we’ll be able to fulfil your wishes.

It would be a pretty nice little feature, but as far as I’m aware we don’t have any more knowledge outside of the ‘posts’, ‘views’ and ‘likes’ next to each thread.

Sorry to disappoint :cry:

we’ve asked about this, and hopefully it will arrive at some point… as it stands now, we have a few “top” lists, but they probably arent all that interesting to you all:

we are two point releases behind however, so i would anticipate a maintenance window soon (updating us from 0.9.5 to… scanning the changelog though doesnt reveal anything like this in the works just yet though…


Here the Top 3 of each category, based on amount of “Likes” within the thread. Not sure if this is really representing the most interesting topics in this forum, but for sure some good ones beneath them…

Community Feedback:

  1. “Workshop Modelling Livestream - Thursday 13th June 2013 - 16:00 PDT” (:heart:: 82)
  2. “What systems do you game on?” (:heart:: 59)
  3. “Qubicle Competition Theme Suggestions - Week 2” (:heart:: 58)


  1. “25 June Live Stream: Coding some UI in in HTML and JS” (:heart:: 54)
  2. “Questions, Answers, Stonehearth Information Thread [Updated 31st July]” (:heart:: 26)
  3. “[Dev Blog] - Desktop Tuesday, The Continuing Saga of Day/Night Cycle” (:heart:: 17)

Fan Media:

  1. “Music and Soundtrack” (:heart:: 360)
  2. “Stonehearth memes?” (:heart:: 145)
  3. “Music! Nine themes for Stonehearth [New track: What May Come!]” (:heart:: 101)


  1. “Dark Subject - What happens to dead people?” (:heart:: 94)
  2. “Category definition for Gameplay” (:heart:: 56)
  3. “How will coop multiplayer work?” (:heart:: 29)

General Discussion:

  1. “Getting to know one another” (:heart:: 81)
  2. “Will there be game testing?” (:heart:: 66)
  3. “What YOU you like our community to be called?” (:heart:: 62)


  1. “What’s your idea for a proposed $75 tier?” (:heart:: 23)
  2. “Heads up - New Kickstarter Stretch Goals” (:heart:: 15)
  3. “Modding Livestream TODAY- Friday 17th May 11:00 PDT 19:00 BST” (:heart:: 15)


  1. “Sungai Tribe Mod (Full Tribal Conversion)” (:heart:: 120)
  2. “The Roman Mod (Rome comes)” (:heart:: 112)
  3. “Star Trek TNG: Crash Landing Mod Idea for Stonehearth” (:heart:: 81)

Modeling & Animation:

  1. “Qubicle Creations” (:heart:: 557)
  2. “I think I need to get out more” (:heart:: 515)
  3. “Pepe’s little voxel corner :]” (:heart:: 279)

Scripting & Code:

  1. “Modding in Lua - An overview” (:heart:: 23)
  2. “Run JavaScript (incl. jQuery, Ember.js and Handlebars) online with JS Bin” (:heart:: 11)
  3. “Lua: Sources Of Information (Tutorials, Guides, Books, References, etc.)” (:heart:: 7)


  1. “An elegant solution to carrying large objects” (:heart:: 75)
  2. “Custom Armor and Weapons (Suggestion)” (:heart:: 69)
  3. “A Dangerous path” (:heart:: 55)


  1. “[Petition] Make Stonehearth Kingdom into the Official Forums” (:heart:: 42)
  2. “Upgrade Downtime - 11PM-ish EST” (:heart:: 8)
  3. “Request for Discourse-Features” (:heart:: 8)

Translation and Localization:

  1. “Joint translation efforts” (:heart:: 12)
  2. “Hey all! Want to translate the game (Spanish)” (:heart:: 12)
  3. “Collaborative Translation” (:heart:: 2)


  1. “Official Community Twitter Feed - Follow Us!” (:heart:: 34)
  2. “Hobby Project - The Beat” (:heart:: 32)
  3. “GREETINGS HUMANS! Also, impending maintenance 11PM EST” (:heart:: 18)

did you manually compile this, by browsing each category and scanning for the most likes?

wow… nice work! :+1:

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Well… but I will probably not do it for a list based on “View” (not that much fun) :wink:.

I hope you understand how useful this is! I was just thinking, “Damn it, where’s that thread with all those Lua tutorials?” but then saw I could just find them through this. Thank you :smile:

the search routine works very nicely here (which i know is uncommon for most forums)… you could also just jump to the Scripting & Code category (in this case)… :smile:

True…I…I…I’m new to this forum business, don’t judge me :hammer: :wink: