[Please Note] We're currently experiencing performance issues

similar to the growing pains we had back in the dark ages good ol days, is anyone else having problems either loading content, or posting messages?

discourse has been rather sluggish for me for a few days now…


I’ve only noticed the sluggishness today, I’ll message the discourse folks over at the meta.

Everything is kinda slow for me the lest two days, i thouth its my computer’s fault…
I also see that I “liked” one post two times…

Yeah it is taking several minutes to load topics.

Painfully slow for me too

ok, we may have some hosting indigestion congestion again… im sure @system, @system or @system can shed some light…

Confirmation from my side. Bad performance since yesterday (especially accessing the profile-page, using search and checking notifications).

The site has been sluggish for a few days on my end :s i thought it was my internet, but even at work it’s slow

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ok, i’ve tweaked the title, removed the category, and pinned the topic… it should stay at the top until we un-pin…

I messaged @system and @system over on the meta.discourse.

Oddly the site seems to be temperamental - sometimes it loads absolutely fine for me, others, not so much.

Does seem very inconsistent, I’ve been having problems like everyone else but right now it’s going fine. My theory is that it’s learnt how to spy on us and it thinks we were taking it for granted and is reminding us it’s experimental software and we should be nervous.

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The memory usage on the thin processes has gone up enough that it’s swapping. Disk IO is bad, mmmmk?

If you can bear with it for a little bit, we’d like to take a look at the memory usage and do some diagnosis.


OK, all better now! Should be much faster immediately.

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Where do we direct cakes/ presents?

Did you turn it off and on again? :open_mouth:

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Yeah, that’s pretty much what we did.


working well for me now… as opposed to sacrificing small woodland animals, may i offer this cake as a token of my appreciation? :cake:

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Still a little bit slow on the uptake for me, but I think that’s just my habit of not restarting my browser for months on end internet.

I can’t say it’s any good for me even now…

Edit: I reopened it and it’s fine? My computer’s fantastic