so, its entirely possible that it is our corporate network once again casusing me grief… but, is anyone else seeing anything “screwy” over on the main blog site?

for me, i see formatting issues (the entries are sort of jumbled together), i have no right-hand navigation, and when selecting a specific post, the top navigation goes MIA…

anyone else seeing anything that’s a little “off” over there? :blush:


I thought it was just me, but yeah something is going on.


I was just about to post. Yeah the main site has a white background now… news is intact but no other navigation is possible from that page. I just googled “Stonehearth discourse” to get here.


It’s all normal for me, except that the top navigation (Blog, Media, Contact Us etc.) is missing on the home page and each post.
Everything else is fine.

This is with Windows 7 and Google Chrome with Adblock


ok, thanks folks… i feel somewhat better now… :wink:

one other thing i just noticed, it seems the Discus comments (count) arent being registered on the frontpage (obviously a minor issue)…

well, thats somewhat important though! :smile: and its the same for me, once i select a specific blog post…


For me it’s working like a charm… What the hell is wrong with you people?! :wink:

The only issue for me is the fact that it takes quite some time for the pages to load…


More importantly…



Yeah something was going on for sure, but I think it’s fine now.


It was a bit slow a few days ago, but working like a charm otherwise.


yeah, the formatting issues seem to have been resolved… but the Discus comment count still isn’t registering on the front page… odd…

regardless, let’s just close this one down…

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