Forum Images broken?


Are the title images broken for anyone else? Sorry if this has already been brought up or if it is only me.
I’m using chrome and have cleared the browsing data.


Nope…broken. The devs were doing some website security updates - I’ll let them know.


Thank you for the quick reply! <3


Damn, I cleared the cache and now it is missing the images here too… :frowning:


Plural? Are there other broken images?


No, just the top two. Stonehearth logo and scroll icon.


Yep, those two images are still broken for me also. :forlorn:


It is now fixed for me! :jubilant:


They did forget the fixed image. :slight_smile:


Try a hard refresh? It looks good to me.


For me it is still broken when I scroll down. I assume that is what @TheMagicOne is talking about.


I cleaned my browser caches before my last post and the broken images were fixed when I logged into this discourse.


Yeah its Cache, hard refresh using Cntrl + f5 on windows or cmd + r on mac :slight_smile:


The main page’s images are good.

But it goes wrong when in a post after you scroll down.


OK, and now the “scrolled down” image is broken for me. Alerting Albert.


Ah, thanks dalabo. I hadn’t even noticed that that one is still not working for me either.


Albert is aware, he’s reached back out to the Discourse devs.


It’s working fine for me on mobile.


I’m currently on a tablet so I don’t know if this has been fixed on the computer but my scroll down still has a broken image.


[On desktop] it works fine for me on the front page after clearing my cache, but it breaks as soon as I scroll down on a thread. When I loaded the front page fine and it broke here I thought this thread was haunted for a bit. :stuck_out_tongue: