New Stonehearth logo on Discourse

check out the lovely integration of the SH logo :point_up:

what does it mean? do i have far too much spare time on my hands?? discuss???


Looks good to me! Not sure what other discussion is needed. :wink:


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We could always discuss what possible discussions we could be discussing?

Looks shiny!

It means that when it changes to the ‘S’ as you scroll down we have our very own superman logo!


It’s beauteous! :astonished:

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of course you do

you wear glasses by day don’t you @Geoffers747 :smile:

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No, but I do wear skin tight lycra, with my pants on the outside.

so wait… thats not 'S’teve? then? :cry:

looks for the “hide from children” button


No, it’s actually Geoffer’S’ [size=4]is the best 4 ever and lyf [/size]

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Oooh, just noticed the Geoffer’S’teve logo. I likes it!

sure you are @Geoffers747 sure you are :smile:

Stopped working for me. The S when I scroll down has been replaced by the normal symbol.

on all threads? and when you immediately begin to scroll, or only after you have reached a certain point?

In between the small “S” once I am in a topic also vanished for me (and the standard discourse was shown)… now it works again. Seems like someone is still playing around with this and that it is changed frequently. At the moment the logo is e.g. very small… smaller than in the last days.

Works for me again too, also it shrunk as well so I assume that’s deliberate. A suggestion though would be to make it so the S doesn’t change between the in topic view and with the full name.
EDIT: Just went big for me.

funny, i never noticed the smaller size, but it just increased for me as well… :smile:

sorry… are you suggesting the full logo remain after scrolling, as opposed to just showing the ‘S’?

Personally I do not like the “S” as a stand-alone letter inside a post. It is not used anywhere else related to Stonehearth. Maybe the beer (logo for “Forum” on the start-page) might be a better fit?

No I mean that when you scroll the S gets slightly smaller and to the right, that change irritates me somehow.
@voxel_pirate Maybe, I naturally prefer my idea however and the font makes me think of Stonehearth so I think it works.

this one? yes, that would work well…

ahh, right… one of my old design pet peeves as well… the CSS is padding it perhaps…

Yes, exactly that one… otherwise someone might think he is in the secret forum of superman ^^.