Discourse changed to "Discussion"?

so did i miss something or did the discourse suddenly get another change?

it appears that there is now a banner at the top that brings you to the dev blog and that its now called “discussion” instead of “Discourse”…

whats everybodys thoughts on this change? or am i just going crazy and nothing has changed…


It looks like it did.


I don’t think it is the discourse but more Radiant that have changed the way the forum works.

We have also gained a direct link to the main side.

agreed, it looks like some TR changes… and this likely speaks to some … … other things that are coming down the pipeline… :speak_no_evil:


We have indeed made a change!
You may have noticed that in the past, the trip to Discourse was one way – you could go from stonehearth.net to Discourse, but not back again. We’ve fixed that now.
Old way: clicking the Stonehearth logo on Discourse took you to the main Stonehearth Discourse page.
New way: clicking the Stonehearth logo takes you to stonehearth.net (which is as it should be).
This approach allows us to better integrate community into the overall website, and (as @SteveAdamo alludes) prepares the way for some upcoming, um, improvements to the website.


sweet! I like it! a lot

I feel even more change is coming, in greater numbers…

wait a sec, is @brad a new member of Team Radiant? or am i just super unaware of the members o’ TR?

I kind of preferred the name Discourse. I’m still going to call it the Discourse.

Or we could split the difference and call it the Discoursesion…

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yes… but that’s all im legally allowed to divulge… under pain of death…

or internet shame, which, as we all know, is loads worse…


The URL is still discourse.stonehearth.net, so there’s no reason not to call it Discourse.


Hi @brad ! Welcome to the craziness!

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Hey everyone, yes, @Brad is a new member of Team Radiant, and we are super lucky to have him! Brad has been a VP at Lego and was most recently at Roblox. He has a lot of experience connecting projects with the people who would be most interested in them. Right now he’s helping us redesign our website, which includes making discourse look and feel more like a part of stonehearth.net, hence the header and the link back to the main site.


@brad, would you mind introducing yourself so we don’t have to awkwardly talk about you in the third person as if you’re not here? Or is that for another Tuesday?


i second this thought!

Please don’t say that you’ve got a second (or third) game that you’re also working on. I see so many indie groups now getting a good or decent game into production, then dividing their resources over multiple games, and never finishing anything of them to what they should have been.

Hi Everyone!
It’s good to be here. I’m very excited to help bring Stonehearth to life.
“Improvements to the website” means just that – as we get closer to launching Stonehearth on Steam Early Access, we’ll be leveling up stonehearth.net pretty significantly. That means growing from what is at the moment pretty much just a development blog and Discourse to a full-fledged Stonehearth content and community center. That means a lot more stuff to serve both new and veteran players. We’re still planning exactly what will be there and when, but you can expect a getting started guide, player-supplied tips and tricks, ongoing content features, creative spotlights, customer support, and more. The community itself (this means you!) will have a big role in creating and updating content on the site. Stay tuned for more…


Do I sense a building blueprint repository coming on?


:open_mouth: words… fail me…


don’t be too awestruck… @sdee left off one of the "o"s in the reference… @brad hails from Kellog, where he coined the phrase “Leggo my Eggo!” …

or, I could be completely mistaken… its been known to happen

p.s. I second the nomination to rename “Discussion” to “Discourse” …