[IMPORTANT] Please Read (Update Sept/2021: The forum is saved!)

EDIT (September - 2021)
The forums are going to stay!
You can read more details on the new announcement over here:

The original/previous announcement can be read below:


We’ve just posted an important announcement about this Discourse Forum in the ACE Discord server - and I shall post it here as well:

(TL;DR) at the bottom!


Greetings @everyone ! :merry:
I approach you all today with somewhat sad (but important!) news.

To make it short: the Official Stonehearth Discourse (AKA Forums) will see its last twilight by the end of this year, 2021. It has been graciously paid for and kept up by Riot, but usage statistics and the termination of the project are not enough to justify its (surprisingly!) hefty price anymore :glum:
Unfortunately taking it over or anything like that is not an option, and this is final. But do not despair! :jubilant:

While the Discourse has a huge history and lots of interesting things to be saved and preserved by those interested in the coming months (Consider this the first warning for all of you that want to save/download things from there!), we’ve decided that we won’t leave the Community without a home - so we have some plans!

:one: The ACE Discord Server! This is already our home, and as such we’ll expand it to be even more of a home for those that are not really interested in ACE, just Stonehearth. We’re setting up automated system for roles that will allow us to automate the welcome into our community (and filter spam); and we’re also introducing some new things! The first one is the brand new category, under Modding, called Modder Spaces! This is a new home for modders to host their work, share news and engage with their community - similarly to how the personal “modding corners” on Discourse work!

:two: A new page for ACE! Somewhere between now and the release of the next version, we’ll be hosting a simple, blog like page for ACE that will serve as the new official archive for its release notes and such. Discord is not the best for things like patch notes - and GitHub is not the most accessible for casual users - so we’ll have a simple “blog” for this :merry:

:three: A Mod Hosting Service! And perhaps the most ambitious idea we have - to bring back up a mod hosting website similar to the historical SHmods that our very own BrunoSupremo used to host for building templates! We’ll provide more details for that along the road, if it happens! :jubilant:

:asterisk: Additionally, with the closure of Discourse, we’ll probably aim for a larger presence on the Steam Workshop forums and the Stonehearth forums on Steam!

So that’s it! :merry:
The truth is that we all knew this day would come - and it’s actually very nice that it lasted that long after the project was closed. We should all be grateful that we could count with it but I ask you all to think of what a “home” is. In the end, it’s more than just the physical space we occupy, but the place and the people we belong with. As long as we continue together and the community remains loyal to each other and the game we all enjoy, we’ll always find a home! :heart~1:

So may the treasure hunt begins!
We all have 6 months to save our favorite threads, take screenshots of our favorite bits and archive the most useful resources, links, guides and such.
We might organize a “public archive” effort here on this Discord, so stay tuned for news on that if you’re interested!

Thank you all for your time and for being the amazing community you all are :jubilant:

  • Dani & The ACE Team (on behalf of Team Radiant as well :sparkling_heart: )


This forum shall be closing by the end of this year, 2021

If you want to stay in touch with the Stonehearth community, join the relevant Discord servers
(ACE Discord here)! There’s also another big SH Discord, if someone could post a link here, please :slight_smile:
Edit (Kindly provided by @Ghostie : Stonehearth )

If you have anything in here that you’d like to save for posterity - pictures, download mods that are not hosted anywhere else, etc… You have 6 months to archive/save them!



Burned out hard on this game, college picked up (just graduated!), got too embarrassed to look back at the places I felt like I failed, haven’t really thought much about Stonehearth at all for years except for briefly whenever seeing @everyone pings from the ACE Discord…

How is that going, by the way? Briefly saw a stream with it a while back and it looked like there’d been a ton of progress - so much stuff I didn’t recognize at all! - kind of intimidated me too much to look back into it right then, actually.

I’d moved on, I thought, (kind of assumed this place would’ve gone away earlier!) but still pretty emotional seeing this place that occupied, frankly, way too much of my young life :stuck_out_tongue: … finally go away :glum: :forlorn:

Maybe it’s time to check back in. There was a while I couldn’t even bring myself to listen to Stonehearth’s music without bringing up a complicated well of emotions (and that it deserved a game where more people would hear it), but I think I’m over that. Maybe.


Oh man, I loved lurking on the discourse for years now. Sad to see it leaving (understandable nevertheless), but happy that the ACE discord server is still going strong and taking over the community reigns from here on out. This is like a small part of my past leaving me too, I remember coming home from school and watching Tom stream (back in like 2014-2015) and then Stephanie took over the streams and then the rest of team radiant jumping in. like @coasterspaul I am graduating this year too from college, this upcoming Friday actually lol. I am getting a degree in computer science and would love to explore the ideas of stonehearth systems (especially the building part of where, where you have to make a plan for the hearthlings/workers to follow to construct the building given a resource budget). I remember when the last stream was over it felt like the game was entering a new stage in its life, where the community managed it. And now that the discourse is leaving it, it feels like the game is entering its really final stage of its life. I hope that the discord grows with this announcement so the community can all stay together :slight_smile: I hope everyone is doing well! Happy gaming! And good luck wherever you go from here!


Thank you for the update Dani. And thanks to you, Bruno and the ACE team for all your hard work. Best wishes to you all and happy gaming. Stay safe.


It’s a surprise it held as long as it did, given that the game was dropped faster than a hot potato back then. Kudos for that, I suppose.

It could be interesting to create a static, read-only copy of the forums so it wouldn’t all go to waste. Given that Discourse has some set of (public) APIs, it shouldn’t be too hard either, perhaps a bit harsh on the servers, but the earlier this starts the better. The Internet Archive seems sadly unable to properly index it.

I personally loathe Discord and think it’s pretty sad that communities are “moving” over there, because Discord cannot replace forums when it comes to readability, searchability and general discourse (but hey, it’s ““free””). So if I decide to dabble around with archiving this place, I’ll probably not announce that in the Discord. I couldn’t host it either, but I could archive it and throw it on Mega or something for someone else to host.


Here is the official Stonehearth Server


Thanks! I’ll update the OP


As a little update to that, I have saved every category and topic as extremely unoptimized whatever-the-API-gave-me-gzipped-JSON.


It includes all (publicly visible) categories, topics, and posts so far in a machine-readable format that should allow restoring them by using a sufficiently fancy frontend. The next step would be attachments, I guess, but I am not entirely sure how I should store all that stuff - nor whether it is required to do so. I would guess a lot of screenshots, mods and other things would probably be lost, but seeing as just the (admittedly untrimmed) data is already 170MB, I’m not sure where that stuff should even go.


Greetings, my dear hearthlings! :merry: :sparkles:

I’m happy to be the bringer of good news for a change! To keep it short:
The forums have been saved! :jubilant:

Yes, you’ve read this right! Our precious, monumental, majestic and historically (and, I dare say, archeologically) important stonehearth discourse will keep existing after the end of the year!

This is only possible due to the amazing and quick mobilization of some people, including some precious former Team Radiant members - and above all because of the passion and divine intervention of @jomaxro, Discourse’s employee of the year (for me, at least :jubilant: ), due to the great significance this community has for him and for all of us as well :merry:
So please direct all your cheers and applause at Josh!

That said, this whole ordeal should be a reminder that not everything lasts forever, and all things shall come to pass eventually… And because of that, we’ll still proceed with everything we’ve mentioned in the original post: an alternative page for ACE updates and logs; a nice workshop-like site for sharing non-steam mods and, of course, everyone is - just like before - very welcome to join us at the Stonehearth ACE Discord Server or the unofficial Stonehearth Discord Server for daily fun and the latest news!

That’s it! :merry:
Stay safe and enjoy a very nice weekend, everyone!


That’s so awesome. Thanks for your hard work gamers!!!


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