[Petition] Make Stonehearth Kingdom into the Official Forums

Stonehearth Kingdom is a site created by warstoriez. It is very nicely designed, well moderated and never experiences server issues. I call for a petition towards Radiant Entertainment to make Stonehearth Kingdom the official forums of Stonehearth. They would, of course, have control over it after it was officialized.

While Discourse is… survivable, I think Stonehearth Kingdom is a far better candidate to be the official forums of Stonehearth. Sign if you agree. Let our voices be heard!

while i admire your enthusiasm, i think we can all agree that Radiant will determine which is their best forum solution, without the need to generate a petition… :wink:

my advice, let the dust settle on the recently resurfaced discourse forums (which are performing just fine now), and we’ll all see what pans out…


I question the use of the word better. Discourse and SHK (stone hearth kingdom) are two different styles of forums.

Discourse is a loose formatted forum, with posts sorted into a few different categories. posts are easy to spring up, and when they do are presented to every one in a twitter like fashion. This is great for talking to people about the game, getting to know who is who in the zoo, and throwing up some ideas for the game. not so great for collecting information into one place but meh.

SHK follows a more typical forum format, with a lot more structure, allowing people to share information in longer posts as well as get a lot of separate information into open neat tidy area. However due to the structure of the forum, quick small posts of “what do you guys think of this” are not as easy to post due to the forum feeling a bit to formal.

Both forum types have its up’s and downs, but seeing as the game is still in development, my 2 cents is that the informal, quick posting of ideas is a bit more suitable. Besides, we still have the wiki for posting all the large bits of information.

The unorderly fashion does not make it easier to find other people or other such things. I can easily do that better on a standard forum style, as can many others. And I hate Twitter.

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I like the discourse style for the community forum. If you want a place to post structured well formatted collections of information, the wiki is already in place. I believe you can use the talk feature one every page there if you want to have discussions or ask questions about the information on the page.

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@UlyssesKnapse There is a very good way to navigate all the important posts, while only getting a few bad ones.

Click on @SteveAdamo name. He is everywhere interesting :wink:


I will start by saying that personally, I love discourse. Does that mean that what follows will be heavily biased and favouring towards it? Most definitely.

I really don’t feel that a ‘traditional’ forum offers a lot more functionality and if it does, could someone please highlight what those things would be exactly?

What is it about Discourse that you feel it doesn’t provide?

@UlyssesKnapse you’ve said you feel that discourse is unorderly? How so? I don’t see how the format of Discourse makes it any harder to find what you’re looking for, especially compared to a ‘traditional’ forum.

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I vote no in this petition. Or I refuse to sign it… however petitions work.


At this point a move seems silly.


Haven’t we been over this already?


If the server has been stabilized I would rather remain with discourse; other than the server often being down I really have come to like it.


By the sounds of it they seem to have sorted out the issues, so hopefully it remains!

many thanks to @system! :smiley:


Its not that i dislike discourse but i Like a more traditional forum style much better. Thats also why i like SHK more. I love the structure and a big advantage over discourse is the ability to make tumbnails of pictures instead of the whole picture of gif. This allows to reduce the scrolling and keeps the tread more sleek. Also at the point of scrolling discourse got a other - point. I like the pages a lot better especially at long threads. Back to pictures, at SHK you can upload multiple at once.

I idd love the function of the first page of discourse so that also the small post gets attention but therefore i also like the first page with the most popular or important post on it @ SHK.

Final conclusion is that i prefer SHK over discourse. this will mean that my creations will be posted there first. But worry not ill also stay active on the discourse ;).

@Yangzhoui I would agree that the image insertion could do with a slightly better system, but it does the job, and it’s important to remember that Discourse is in beta and as such will more than likely address this sort of thing in the future!

I do think that discourse is very good at giving you quick access to discussions and threads that you might have missed.

I don’t see any reason to move a company forum to a fansite location.

I could see switching to a real forum software instead of sticking with this beta project.
Discourse is modeled after some kind of Twitter channel so why not use a Twitter channel for that kind of content and use a finished forum software for well… forum stuff? =)

Actually I like Radiant for one specific reason (apart from a nice game I hope)… their support for Qubicle and Discourse. Radiant is a “start-up” and it is very likeable that they (having some momentum) support others, who are in a similar situation.

Having this in mind… I hope the community will show some mercy and can live with one or the other shortcoming we might see along the way.

I don’t know why people think Discourse is modelled after a twitter channel? Am I missing something?

I find that just reading through the front page of the website helps understand how it works and the reasoning behind the design etc.

For the traditionalists: Browse the categories instead of the main index if the all-in-one solution bothers you.

I think it’s great that the Stonehearth developers have chosen Discourse as their forum software. It’s a bold new platform, challenging many age old forum conventions. Just like Stonehearth, they need a community to build momentum and gain a foothold in a very crowded market. It’s only fitting that Stonehearth takes a chance on these fresh new projects as its trying to make its own dent in the gaming scene.

And to my knowledge, the Discourse developers are doing their utmost to help early adopters with any issues they may encounter.


Because it looks like an unorganised dumping ground for messages and is missing basic forum functionality like “show all threads with unread posts” and “Mark all topics read”.

Maybe it will have such functionality when it’s finished but when will that be?