Something's wrong with me

What is it about this game?

I got really keen with the Kickstarter was on, paid my money, etc. Followed the game with some interest, installed the very first test software that just generated the cube world. Installed the first Alpha. Played a little but not much (as there wasn’t much to do then).

Didn’t bother installing any of the other Alphas until A8. I followed the progress with a lot of interest, but didn’t want to burn myself out on an early alpha. Read the discourse a bit but not much. Watched the Tuesday updates if I thought of it.

But then I broke down and installed Alpha8.

Now, I’m stupidly overhooked. I play it every chance I get, I’m on the discourse literally 20-30 times a day and keep a close eye on /r/stonehearth (I hate to think what my proxy logs at work look like, luckily I can clear those myself before anyone else sees them) and I hang out impatiently waiting for Wednesdays and Fridays (which is when I get the Tuesday update and the Tuesday and Thursday streams, being 21 hours ahead of you all).

What is it about this game that has me so hooked? I haven’t played anything else all month. Thanks a bunch, @Tom:wink: :smile:


story of my life… and possibly everyone else who plays…


Yup, fact is was wondering if anyone else was eager for Tuesday in hopes of an update…


Yeah, I’m basically on this discourse constantly


I have absolutely no idea what you mean and the fact that I am posting at 12:25 am on Tuesday is complete coincidence. radiates innocence


Oh seems you’re an hour behind me…

I like to call it ‘Radiant sickness’, it’s probably the next minecraft-like addiction unless there is another game besides minecraft where you get hooked by not only the game but also the forum.


I as well suffer the same problem. I just am waiting til the building gets refined a little better til I play again. For some reason every time I build I run into bugs. =p I check the discourse daily though for updates, fan media, and suggestions.

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Oh, my sweet summer child.

I’ll go on the discourse, read every single new post. Close the window, and then think “What should I do now? Some work? Nah, better check if someone posted something new on the discourse” and log back in.

I do this all day. I’m sick, I tells ya.


I’m on the discourse about 50+ times a day when I’m on the computer I’m always looking at the discourse


I check discourse about a billion times lol.

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yes, but have any of you had your name legally changed to reflect your undying devotion to TR?

asked Steve Hearthington Adamo III


Heh, I have to admit, I check this discourse 2-3 times a day.

I check the Discourse on my phone when I have nothing better to do and no acess to my PC. At the end of class, when I’ve finished my work; at lunch; sometimes in the bathroom. [Honestly, i should stop doing that one.]
So, yeah, at least 10 - 20 times a day.

Stonehearth broke my Minecraft addiction, but recently I’ve been able to become less addicted to Stonehearth by binging on Minecraft SMP. Now I’m not addicted to any game, as far as I know.

But this darn Discourse is still taking over my life!


story of my life…

i literally will have just checked the discourse less than 1 minute ago, and come back to see if anything new has transpired. perhaps i should get an actual life…


I’ve just noticed when I’m on the computer i always have a tab of the discourse open and i look at most new posts unless if I can’t do it because the discourse updated


also, the story of my life…

if I’m actually doing something on the computer i always have the discourse open in a different tab.


I begin to wonder if there isn’t some subliminal message posted here somewhere… You must read all posts…You must return often…You have no life



well for me i literally don’t have a life, so im always on the discourse when i get a chance.

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The saddest time of the day for me is when i don’t have access to the computer as i have a nokia brick :iphone: :cry: and can’t use the internet