Just pre-ordered now for the wait

cant wait for this game/ i hope cubeworlds alpha comes out soon so i can play that while i wait for this game XD!

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I just saw inthelittlewood’s alpha video of it, it looks amazing, can’t wait for that and Stonehearth :smile:

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Seeing as @SteveAdamo is failing in his capacity as official welcomer (he’ll blame it on the time zones and the need for sleep, he always does). Welcome aboard!

If you want to know a bit more about certain aspects of the game, then:

  • [urlhttp://discourse.stonehearth.net/t/questions-answers-stonehearth-information-thread-updated-17th-june/279] This thread [/url]contains a lot of information, questions, answers, you name it. If you’re unsure about something, or want to get a greater understanding of what the game will be like then head over there :smile:

If you have any questions, or aren’t sure about something then feel free to message either @SteveAdamo or myself, (just click on my name/picture and hit private message on the left hand side).

Edit: Also, head over to http://www.discourse.org/ to get a nice overview of the features of Discourse!


martin did an alpha preview for cube world? zoinks!

i’m such an underachiever… i’ve been striving towards 3 hours of productive sleep… but it just aint workin…

however, i have been remiss in my duties… so, welcome aboard @Deathscythe! :smile:

you’ve picked a great game to back, and a wonderful community to be a part of… just dont accept any offers for “free candy” from @Geoffers747… man, those therapy sessions cant come quick enough…


It’s a perfectly legal, and satisfyingly tasty service.

Just because you don’t like gummy bears, doesn’t mean everyone doesn’t like them.

Now that you mention it … £20 an hour and I’ll give you a therapy session (the trick is to keep them coming back, I think I have a few ideas about how).

:fearful: You … swore …

@Geoffers747 lol I thought I typed messed up, I am so embarrassed

thanks @Newf … we’re trying our best to keep this place as family friendly as possible… :+1:

but i can understand the slip… @Geoffers747 does tend to bring out the worst in us all… :rage4:

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@SteveAdamo I’ll never live this down and its not entirely @Geoffers747 fault I have to take responsibility for my actions and I promise it won’t happen again although in the words of the famous Spider-Man Promises you can’t keep are the best ones :wink: