The Fall of

It brings me sadness to hear this news, but I wanted to make sure everybody knows that one of the greatest online gaming communities around, was officially removed from the internet “probably forever”. I know a lot of members here on the Stonehearth discourse used to be active on the CWF, and we will all miss it greatly.

It all started when the founder (Matthew) decided to cheat the co-founder out of $15K. He sold the site to Zam, which is really similar to Curse. Within 24 hours, the entire site was cluttered with ads and the community’s faith in the administrators was shattered. Now that Matthew got his wad of cash out of the deal, the whole thing collapsed.

That is why I like Stonehearth Discourse. Not only are the people great and the community really tight-knit, but the administrative staff is actually on the user’s side and the site’s future outlook is very bright. Keep on being the great community you are, discourse.


Wow, what a terrible Site Owner.


This is very sad indeed.

I got on to Cube World in around early 2013 when I heard about it in the Minecraft Forums. As I was looking through the game, I thought it was pretty cool and tried to buy it, over and over again. Evidently, it had been DDOS’d by someone in Europe but I managed to snag a copy. Once I downloaded it, I had a gaming marathon of about 4 hours with Cube World.

I wanted to share my experiences with others, so I searched for a forum and found one: I met a lot of my first few internet acquaintences (Dwalus included) there, and it was a really nice atmosphere in general. Of course, we had our share of hackers, cheaters, and spammers, but it was pretty cool in general.

I got into the Discourse from someone asking for a key for a game called Stonehearth. My curiosity piqued, I went on an internet seach for Stonehearth, and finding its Kickstarter. Sadly, it was already a few months funded.

I went on to Radiant Entertainment’s website and read all the blog posts and watched all the twitch archives. Finally, when I clicked on the Discourse link, I joined with the same username I had in Cube World Forum: Swift_Cube.

It’s really sad to see CWF go, because there were a lot of great people on it, some of whom migrated here. However, reiterating Dwalus: the community is tight knit and we have our full trust behind Geoffers and SteveAdamo. (Well, I’m not saying that @Geoffers747 might try to sell us to EA or something…). We joke around, we have a nice laugh, and at the end of the day, that’s what made the Discourse last longer than CWF. None of us would ever sell Stonehearth Discourse.


Well, I was going to buy the Game, but I heard that the Game got boring after One-Week and that Wollay seemingly abandoned the Project since he never Updated it, as well as the fact that I would call it “Mod-Unfriendly” so I decided to not buy it.

I think that one of the reasons I got into SH was because Radiant had Fixes to all the problems that CW had, like Mods, Updates, and high Re-Playability.

It’s sad that to see that even if I never knew anyone there, that a great Community vanished.


This is why I don’t like these big, profit-driven networks. Sure enough, Curse and friends have many benefits for the developers (such as reliable, free servers, maybe even some dedicated coders) but usually the users suffer for that.

I’m all for centralising things, but I think those are overdoing it. It’s fine to centralise a gaming community to some point - but if you try to mix chess, Call of Duty, My First Pony Farm 2012 and Nail The Björk into one big chunk of community it won’t work. It’s losing the appeal of the individual community because it’s just one big blob. I could imagine that it might be more difficult to have personalised features that are specifically for one game - because for the network, one size fits all is the most profitable way of operating.


Hey guys, NSA here I just intercepted a email between @Geoffers747 and EA:

Email starts:

Thanks for the Stonehearth Discourse, we’ll be transferring £1,000,000 shortly

Kind regards,

Email ends

So guys, looks like @Geoffers747 has some explaining to do


Get me my torch and asembel the army! We have a riot to form and a war to win here! To arms my brave men, to arms!!!

I find the fact that he setteld for 1 milion deply upseting! He could have goten 10 bilions for half of it.


Depends on what you mean by “cheat”, because if it was legally his, then… well yeah. Not exactly cricket, but that’s another matter.

Could very easily change if Stonehearth becomes a big hit and we get tens of thousands of posters here. I mean, how many regular posters do we have here at the moment?

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I’ve already said we’ll just make then. An exclusive club. Invitation only. And of course, an insane initiation. With lots of laser sharks.


I can just imagin how many map games would be runing… it would be… GLORIUS!


No. We’d have split off into a forum specifically dedicated to map games before that happened. Plus the get pretty hard to manage as they get bigger. Doesn’t help if you go for the more literary style that I do, I mean the turn summaries average length is longer than my average length for essays for uni at the moment. Mainly because I don’t have many essays but still.



That is all.

Sorry guys, I can’t hear you over here on my yacht.



i was going to ask, “on a related note”, whether there had been any updates on the CW front… but it seems Wollay made an update just about a month ago, on the planned quest system…

really would like to see an updated client, as I did have quite a bit of fun when the initial client was released… and now that I have a decent PC, im sure it would make the experience even more entertaining… :smile:

as for the forum fiasco… well, that’s certainly disheartening… on the plus side, @Geoffers747 is living large in the wake of said event! :+1:

Steve, my NSA evil power say you got some of the money too, what do you say in your defence?

my apologies… what was that? I couldn’t hear you over the sound of my bubbly…


That’s you?! :exclamation:

But you’re so . . . old . . . :scream:



Well, I’m sorry to burst your bubble but obviously there’s the rich and then there’s Steve… Not part of the former group.


Nope, £500,000 isn’t rich