Stonehearth Community Chat?

I see many faces on this discourse and it seems there’s many people following the StoneHearth.

I saw someone made an IRC a while ago but that’s so… Old

I’ve recently started using Discord which is a text chat client with voice chat capabilities.
It could be fun to have a StoneHearth Discord where people that like StoneHearth and want to talk about it can chat without having to make threads. And since one day StoneHearth will be multiplayer it could be useful to get games together with other StoneHearth fans.
Since Discord allows multiple text channels per server, could also be useful to collaborate on mods or just general Voxel modeling.

Just wondering if anyone else thinks this could be a fun idea to chat with friends from Discourse.
For those of you who don’t know what Discord is it looks something like this

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There’s actually a discord channel for the StoneharthDiscourse!

I’m not sure where it is though…

Can someone put a link somewhere?

Edit: i thinks it’s this?

Joined the server, looks kinda dead though.
Not many people talking on it daily :frowning:

Well… I don’t think our discourse is the type that uses a chat server

More of a informative and… ‘Posting’ community?