Stonehearth Official IRC

The community has formed an IRC channel for everyone. You can join it at and we’re on #Stonehearth. It’s recommended to use a chat client for people who intend to stay for a while. Pidgin is a decent client that I use if anyone is in need of one.

You can also use this link here to connect via webclient




Now it’s at efnet

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There’s an official channel at right now, at #stonehearth

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Ok, so the channel moved - you can now join us at

If you’re using a client and are having trouble connectecting to, try using one of the servers directly from the list on this page: EFnet - The Original IRC Network
I’m connected to the first one,

Ok so i made a xat chatbox dedicated to the fans of stone hearth, you can come here, hangout with the people on it, and i might name people moderator, who ever helps a lot of people and does not talk random things.

XAt StoneHearthFAN chat group - A chat box dedicated to all StonehearthFANs

xat meet efnet… efnet, xat… :smile:


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@ownerpure5 Not sure if trying to establish another chat is a good idea. You can already use IRC, Steam and even Twitch… and all are not very much in use.

the irc is dead, nobody is talking and i dont think there is anybody on the twitch :stuck_out_tongue:

we can always use skype.

well we would need first to get many stone hearth fans to begin with.

edit: this IRC is dead. nobody is talking when there is like 8 people in it

Suprise, suprise :). I will join the Steam-Chat in a minute.

come on join my xat! we are 2 people :grin:

we need more active peopple on it

An IRC channel isn’t always meant to be a constant conversation - But I’d assume conversations would crop up more often as it grows over time. I do like IRC myself, I’ll be in here frequently. ^^

yea well xat is better. i mean a chat box is meant to be here for people to TALK and not stay here for the sake of staying here -.-

Just because people don’t talk it doesn’t mean the irc is dead, I’m normally on there and it just seems like there’s nothing to talk about to explain the lack of it.


Sorry for the dead bump, but… I can’t use EFNet for some reason; is there a reason that the community moved from Freenode? There’s not even an EFNet round robin I can connect to and I won’t connect to an IRC server if it doesn’t support TLS, which very few EFNet servers do, and I can’t connect to them for some reason.


I finally found a server that lets me connect, in the EU region. First, the channel is entirely empty. Second, I’m apparently now the op for the channel.