Join Our Stonehearth Discord Server!

Hey Stonehearth community!
Firstly let me explain what discord is :slight_smile:

Discord is an all-in-one voice and text chat for gamers that’s free, secure, and works on both your desktop, phone and in your browser!
All you have to do is click on the invite link at the bottom of this article, sign up an account and you’re ready to go!

On the Stonehearth Discord server you’ll be able to:

  • Talk with nice friendly people.
  • Chat about Stonehearth.
  • post pictures of your awesome creations or get inspired by what other people have created!
  • Discuss bugs, updates, and other news.
  • We also have a general chat and general voice channel, where you can discuss other topics and we also offer other voice channels, where you can play other games besides Stonehearth.
  • You can come join us now!

Join us today!


This seems nice;
It’s free and stuff and stuff stuff

Also that link isn’t a virus or anything (at-least for mobile) it’s a genuine link to the Discord thing (though you do need a app)

yup no virus and the app is for access to the push to talk voice mode and as you said its completely free and i hope the dev’s will join this server as well so we can get hands on info about the game and etc again ty for joining the discord server hope to talk to you soon

The best way to catch the devs is on their livestreams. I wouldn’t hold out hope for them joining discord; I imagine they’re too busy making Stonehearth for that.

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I know but its worth trying

Why not use the official stonehearth server that’s already created?

i did and it feels dead plus you didnt make it on your on post making it hard for people to find out so yes thats why i made another one and you cant really say thats the official one just cause it was made 1st

I didn’t make a post and they’ll always feel dead if people make a new Discourse each time they want, lol.

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well i would say you should have advertise it more i litterally didnt just post it here i post it on streams and other stuff where the community is watching talk to me in discord i am on

I am using this and its great. easy to drop screen shoots in and started chating with someone right away. I haven’t tried the “official” one yet but so far here i’m getting good results

its not genuine link in my mind i think you mean its temporary i dont know what you mean here but thats what i think your saying and yeh its not temporary its a permanent link for the community to use

Well atleast i am working hard for it to not be dead

You’re more than welcome to admin the /stonehearth one if you want! I figure just keep the name as simple as possible, no need for the “hangout” part, sorry if I’m not being clear. Let’s not have a schism in the community of discord lol I just need you to be a member on the original

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Why would i go and become a member there Even you are not Online on it if You were i would have stayed but you didnt not even a single person in there thats alteast online So i ask you give me a reason why i should go there and If you say that your’s is Official then pls tell me if a Dev or a Mod said that Your Discord Server is The Official Stonehearth Community Server from what i tell nothing is official

I don’t believe there is an ‘official’ Stonehearth Discord, though if someone could direct me to a post/ link that indicates there is an ‘official’ channel then that would be good.

It’s great that there is a discord going, and people should certainly join it, I think if you want something Stonehearth related then just create/join one, like you said, to prevent people from just joining lots of different ones.

There’s no need to become aggravated about all of this, it just seems to me that there needs to be a bit of clarification as to what the discord server is, how to access it, and who runs it etc. So if someone could do that, that’d be great.


Hey Goeffers747 :slightly_smiling:
I’m the Moderator of the Discord server that happyfeet is referring to.

Well I think the post shortly describes what Discord is.
The main features that make Discord really nice to use is:

  • Easy user friendly UI
  • Chat supports gif, picture sending and file sharing so on.
  • High quality voice chat
  • Voice channels and chat channels, so you can have different channels for different needs.
  • It supports infinite number of people joining
  • It’s totally free to use.
  • There is a bunch of other features as well :slightly_smiling:

Here is a link to the official website, where you can check out all the features:

Lastly, I would say that to wharp that he and ranox/happyfeet should work out the things between them:slightly_smiling:

Everyone is welcome to join Discord for a nice chat. If you guys have any trouble with joining Discord or setting Discord up then feel free to message me, though most likely you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to set up :wink:

I dont even want to say anything about Wharp idc anymore i asked him to remove that post he made 3 times and he still keeps arguing

I’m just gonna go ahead and close the thread.

If people wish to join a discord server then they can, though I don’t think it’s appropriate for 101 different servers to pop up and be advertised. One is enough.

If there is at any point an official Stonehearth Discord server then everyone will be made aware.