Playing Stonehearth Multiplayer with Discord!

Hello there! I am looking for noobs and pros alike to play vanilla games of Stonehearth! You may or may not know me for creating a Beginner’s Guide to Stonehearth. Well, like you all, I enjoy playing with others and am more than willing to play with you guys via multiplayer! The community I seek to create will be 100% child-friendly (But come on, you guys aren’t kids!). And lead by me, a person who has had and played Stonehearth since 2014 or so. I will be happy to give you guys tips as you play with me, or just in general on our Discord! There’s plenty of things to do on our Discord, from general discussion about all things Stonehearth (Or just anything), to even the dankest of memes! Help me grow a community of good-hearted Hearthlings that show Radiant that the people who play it are just as good-hearted as the game itself! I may or may not in the future create Youtube videos should the Discord get popular enough, it all depends on you!

Steam account (Friend me if you wish!): Steam Community :: Time Machine Mann


Have a nice day, whether or not you decide to join me in my epic journey of pure awesomeness!

Don’t mind me I’m just bumping this forum.

If anybody wanna play, add me on steam “berutti” Steam Community :: Berutti