Discord server for the community

Hello there everyone,

As you may have noticed there’s a load of people having playthroughs, making mods and giving/asking advice. For the people who use their PC daily and actively there might be some “slow” factor to the forum setup.
For these people , whoever feels the need, can join the Stonehearth Fancord.

This is not official in any way but might add a new layer of support and community guidance for those in need of help.

You can get Discord as an app or browser program Here

Joining the server make sure you have a verified and confirmed email connected to your account.
Press " Join new server " on the left top corner of the program and add the following code “nWHZHw3” with the quotationmarks.
Feel free to hit me up or @jomaxro for the Team Radiant people interested. As for now we are admin together.

Any questions feel free to pop them in here, you’re not forced to use voice chat at all. Discord has separated voice and chat channels and will be used as such.


Happy building

edit - the code :stuck_out_tongue: