The Stonehearth Forum (Discourse) Community

For those that skim through posts and don’t really read them: I really like the community here. The people here are incredibly positive and helpful.

I just wanted to acknowledge that the community here is not normal, and that is a very good thing. I have been active on quite a few different game forums, from hugely popular games to very obscure niche type games. I spent some time looking at the Cube World forums and they are insane, not only incredibly negative, but they seem to be jam packed with spam from what appears to be five-year-old’s. I haven’t been on them since alpha was released but they were so annoying I don’t have time for them. Invariably internet forums seem to attract a lot of negative type people, or people who seem to be very negative based on what they put in the forums. I have not noticed that here, which is really something. Maybe it’s because @SteveAdamo is so fast on deleting negative posts that I never get to see any but I highly doubt it. From what I’ve seen both @SteveAdamo and @Geoffers747 haven’t been censoring anything, but merely putting things in the right place or closing a topic.

I think that this very rare type of internet discussion community needs to be acknowledged. I sincerely hope it stays this way as more people become aware of this amazing project and start joining the discussions here.


Well, @SteveAdamo and I try our hardest to keep the peace and ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible, well, the things that are in our control!

Shhh I didn’t tell you but we do censor and delete anything that is negative. Not only do we delete the content, but we ban the person from the forums. It’s the equivalent of a police state on here.

I think the aim is to simply close or merge topics to ensure that everything remains visible, obviously certain topics will be deleted, but for the most part we’re just gonna close things :smile:

But apart from that, I’d have to agree with your sentiments, the community here so far is one of the best I’ve been involved in, constructive, respecting, positive and helpful, couldn’t ask for much more really!


as do we all, my friend… :wink:

there will inevitably be a rush of new users as we approach beta, and certainly once the beta ships… we’ll likely be overrun, and you’ll see random posts from @Geoffers747 swearing that he’ll jump from the ledge if people don’t play nice… :confounded:

your sentiment is most appreciated though, and hopefully we can keep this love fest going for many months to come… :smile:

must… resist… urge… to… merge :tongue:


I would like to second the sentiment, as everyone here has been fantastic.

Also, is this the time to give some credit and :clap: s to @SteveAdamo and @Geoffers747 for all their time and work as dictato-- err, moderators here, keeping things neat n positive? Thanks guys! :thumbsup:


You know what I’ve just noticed?

This forum has been running for about five months, and I haven’t noticed any forum trolls and spammers!

(My opinion on this community)
I think most registered users either lurk or don’t come on here, my case is lurking. And I think there aren’t many people/most don’t come on because I always see the same people posting. This isn’t bad in my opinion, it actually makes this forum a nice one to read frequently.
I agree with the op on the part of how the community is very positive and helpful, and in my opinion many are very talented too (The modelers, artists and musicians)

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i have a sneaking suspicion you are correct sir… but they will come out of the woodwork in due time… and we’ll be ready for them…

oh yes, we will my presioussssss


Errrr, the clubhouse can only hold 13 people. Should we renovate soon?

Not to be an elitist, but one reason that I like Discourse is that’s ‘odd’ enough to use that it probably deters some of the usual knuckle-draggers who pop up in most computer gaming forums…


I only started posting on this forum because it seems really friendly and in fact is the first forum I have ever posted on

Sorry if I have not been around for a while but I’m on holidays n Croatia and to a gamer like me hot countries and sailing are to be avoided like the plague

Sailing in Croatia… you are living the dream of many my friend. Enjoy it (and don’t complain :wink:).

A dream!? I have been gone from my computer for so long…so long…
*crys to self in corner *

agreed… can i have the top bunk this time though?

spoken like a true gaming n3rd… :wink:

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Nerds? Where, not me?

Actually I think the correct term is Geek :wink2: or G33K if you like.

well, im old… so i have a fondness for nerd… but i like the look of g33k… so, g33k it is! :+1:

regarding the forums in general though, has anyone noticed any performance issues recently? its been performing very well on my end all week…

Today has been great for me, all Qubicle gifs are loading, no downtime, no lag, maybe because it’s only us on … ha.

It’s been the best performance I have seen yet. Was there a Discourse update?

I lurk until I have something to say as-well, also I don’t think that I’ve had problems since the first few days of this forum.

True that. But I also can’t say that is a bad thing too, as I sometimes lurk the forums looking for something to do.

You’re not alone. I do that too whenever I’m bored and have nothing to do or post.

yes, we were updated to the most recent version last week… im not sure that had an impact, or if they have addressed memory issues, etc.