Stonehearth Community - The Good & The Bad(ish)

hello community!

we’ve come here today to bring you this fish :fish: … ask you a question!

@Geoffers747 and i would like to know how you feel the community is shaping up… how you think we’ve progressed over the past several months, and potentially what changes (additions/subtractions) you would like to see around the discourse…

basically, is there anything we can do to better foster the community? whether it’s from us, or team radiant…

any thoughts and feedback are appreciated! :smiley:

prepares his flame-retardant suit


I personally think that our overly intelligent design of discourse (pun intended) has rejected the butthurt, etc. tendencies of flamers, trollers, and other simpletons from gathering any sort of major foothold in the land of Onlinestonehearthia!

Yes, the community is coming along great, IMO. The only thing is that I wish more people were active. I could probably count the number of people who have posted in the last week on 4 or 5 hands. Maybe 6.


@ManOfRet I think part of the reason the community is not that active is that it is far to soon in the development of the game. You cant really say “I would love to see this” or “I don’t want to see that” primarily because we don’t have much info to go on. We could suggest things, but maybe that was already going to be in the game. I suspect that the community will come to life as more information comes out and even more so as the beta draws near.

@SteveAdamo The community as a whole seems to be really nice, and I do not think that there is much that can be done to improve on it. I think things are progressing nicely, the community is going all out in creating model and other idea’s for mods. I don’t think we can really ask for more. Just keep up the good work.


I think that’s very accurate to be honest. Also, often there is a lot of views but not many likes to compensate, for example in the writing competitions. I’m not sure how you can address that really :crying_cat_face:

However, other than that, I love this forum and although it is actually my first and only, I can imagine how some forums may well be, so great work Radiant and even more so, @Geoffers747 and @SteveAdamo :smile:

I think the community is developing in the right direction. As @ManOfRet mentioned I also like that there are not many trolls and flamers around. For sure good moderation is contributing to that… well done, once more.

While the moderation works fine, I would love to see some more activity from the dev team, just every now and then. Actually only Stephanie is showing up here and there and drops a like. Tony is completely missing in the forum (my impression) and Tom posts mostly announcements on the next stream. E.g. I loved Tom’s post prior the first day- and night-cycle live stream, asking for ideas prior the stream… more of that please!

I was also thinking if it would make sense to create single categories for languages other than English. However, this has some trade-offs, so I am not that sure if this is a great idea.

Other than that… I hope the activity will increase a bit over the next months. But as @brendan_ms says, this will come for sure as we approach the beta release.


Well I love the community and I feel the reason for lack of posts(myself included) is that the initial hype is gone and as others stated there is not all that much to talk about.We are at that stage of development that just isn’t all that exciting.Having said that I do check the forums a lot even if I am not still posting.All in all great community but like any game as time goes on it will develop trolls.

I have to agree with everyone here,

The forum is very well organized and turns out to be my favorite forum simply because it lacks any trolls or flamers and makes it difficult to have any. My question would be, how will you asses trolls and flamers, if ever they arrive?
I enjoy the events that are hosted and the activities you guys create but I agree with @voxel_pirate in regards to developers. I’d like to see more activity from the dev team, just like little bursts of news and updates. :smile:

I’ve been a lurker on the forum for a while now, monitoring progress, checking out amazing fan creations, (shoutout to @TobiasSabathius <3) and generally following the development of Stonehearth. I’ve just mustered the willpower and energy to contribute to the community, so I can see why there are so few active members of the forums. Personally, as a frequent lurker, I tend not to even make an account on sites unless there is a buzzing hive of people to hide behind. One can only hope that others like me are lurking contently, spreading the word about this amazing looking game.
As for the current status on frequent posters, you guys seem great and are very welcoming towards newcomers. Keep it up and we might just resemble a respectable community!

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I think the forum is going fine, I check it regularly. I come from the Trials of Ascension forums, which by far were the best I’ve ever been on nearly a year ago. In my experience, the more people you get, the more it’ll go downhill some. Stonehearth appears as a fun lighthearted game, so it should attract those types of people.

I appreciated the reply you gave to the questions I posed in another post - that’s pretty much the best way IMO to keep going. Just keep ‘known facts’ distinct from ‘fun speculation’ because that can run away into a bad zone quickly (people get mad if they think they were mislead, even if it is from totally unofficial forum fans). And its always ok to tell people if we don’t know the facts yet since it is early.


Thanks for the feedback so far guys it’s always nice to feed the ego , I would just like to say that if you ever disagree with how we’re running things, or want to provide feedback on the competitions/ certain aspects of what we’ve done then please please please do it, although try not to hurt our feelings.

RE: general abuse that you seem to see around other forums

I think/hope that dealing with them will be made easier due to discourse itself. Yes this is a forum, but it feels new, or at least to me it does, and it’s whole purpose is to generate civil, constructive discussion - that doesn’t mean that people have to agree at all times, but as long as it is living by it’s name and generating discourse, then that’s great.

So, how would we deal with them, well, I shouldn’t imagine it would be vastly different to what you would expect. Everybody knows (for the most part) how they should be acting online, and how they should be contributing.

Any posts that are offensive/ inappropriate would be removed and the respective person messaged, if they were blatantly trolling/flaming then simply ban the account, if it was just a mistake then warn them about the rules and let them on their way.

Again, the beauty of the discourse is that the community itself can moderate to a certain extent, firstly through the trust levels which I think will be greater used at some point in the future allowing them to help remove the sorts of content we don’t want. Secondly, you can easily flag posts that are inappropriate and need dealing with which flag up conveniently for us.

I would say there is a great foundation going forward to deal with this sort of behaviour, and between the moderators and the wider community we should be able to stem the majority/ all of the sort of behaviour we don’t want to see.

Le Fin.


I think the community here is one of the most supportive and progressive I’ve seen (topics teaching how to use Qubicle, Lua, and general chats like that). I often pop my head in once a day, but rarely post.

In regards to the activity from the dev team, I know I’m going to be the black sheep on this one, but it takes time and effort away from the game they could be making. Honestly more dev teams feel if they over inform the people they always feel like they are showing rather minor additions to the game, rather then waiting until they’ve got something great to show.

I know on Tuesdays I’m going to get a few pictures and a small talk. Which is nice enough for me (for now).


I, for one, am happy, nay giddy with joy over how this community is developing. The firm but gentle hand of @SteveAdamo and @Geoffers747 is in equal parts inspiring and bewildering. The level respect on show here is a absolute pearl in the internet for me. I spend many an hour wandering the internet at large with a mixture of sadness and anger that humanity has come to this but when all hope is lost I return here to find reasoned responses and intelligent silliness and it seems that maybe humanity isn’t so bad.

So in short you guys are awesome all of you

p.s. @ScruffyEchidna thanks for the vote of confidence I will have more to share soon


Indeed. This place has grown to become my online quasi-family.

I think, Sir Sabathius, that I am developing quite a good idea for you to begin your delightful modelling work on.

That is, only if you’re interested.

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Cheers to the heartfelt and glorious voxel models and the fellowship all of us here at these forums have crafted from love, appreciation, and random encounters!

speaking of… welcome aboard @ScruffyEchidna! :smile:

agreed… this system works surprisingly well… :+1:

you calling me a Hippy, son?

bask in our firm bewilderment! :smile:

as @Geoffers747 said, thanks everyone for the helpful feedback… yes, we’re in a great place now, just setting the foundation for the community that will be built around this game for years and years to come… but i firmly believe it’s this early stage that sets the tone for what the community appreciates and expects from their fellow members…

kudos all around… :wink:


I haven’t posted in a while, but i too lurk and regularly come here to keep up to date, imo this forum is, as others before have stated, one of the best. I love coming here and reading interesting ideas, seeing the marvelous ideas for mods and all the other shenanigans that are going on.

I think @SteveAdamo and @Geoffers747 have done a great job shaping and molding this forum into the glorious beast it now is. Its seems they are everywhere at once.

heres to hoping we can keep making this forum awesome

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No this whole good mood and positive vibrations thing is a lie!
Everybody is awful because no one is voting in the writers workshop!!!
(This posting includes intended exaggeration)

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i haf vays of making ze people vote!

I post about every other week but generally read most of the threads and keep up with the community, so a solid lurker. And as everyone has said, I like the way it’s shaping up.

And Admiral Adamo, this thread and your role in it could be summed up by another awesome ship captain.

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funny you should mention that… i like to think of myself as a blend between Captain Picard and Malcolm Reynolds…

unfortunately, however… i share the same birthday as William Shatner…

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