[GIVEAWAY] StonehearthCave.com - A Fan Community

Hello. My name is Tom and a good friend of mine named @mhawley and I have created an online fan community dedicated to Stonehearth and we call it Stonehearth Cave. We’ve been working on this community since July and we hope you like it. Stonehearth Cave is a beautiful and simple but very powerful message board. Stonehearth Cave offers more than just it’s forums, it also includes a robust mods manager for citizens to distribute their creations, a feature-packed gallery to showcase their screenshots or designs, and an advanced livestream viewer for those who want to broadcast their Stonehearth sessions to the community.

Stonehearth Cave’s aim is to become the largest and most diverse fan community for the game. As we grow we plan on adding more and more features that enhance citizen interaction within the community and the game. In the meantime, Stonehearth Cave has many awesome and amazing features to offer and we look forward to you joining our community and becoming a citizen.

Become a Citizen today! - StonehearthCave.com


Hello, I’m Matt BTW! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Quick question…
Does your forum board have collapsible spoilers?

We’re working on adding that right now. :smile:

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I’m in…

I just found the livestream section…this would save so much time, and open up the audience, so that forum browsers can just check which livestreams are happening, and randomly pop in…

Goodwork :thumbsup:


Hm… Forums? What’s different about that then here? Not to be hostile, but i don’t want to go cheating on this one, I want a forum that servers a different service.

Ofcourse, watching people play stonehearth sounds fun.

I’m not sure about it now, but in the future maybe…

It feels like your trying to split up the community a bit, and me no likee that. @SteveAdamo and @Geoffers747 I want ya’ll’s opinion on this!


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first, welcome aboard @Apostrofee and @mhawley! :smile:

i applaud your efforts at putting this site together, and im sure it will serve as another great resource for the SH community… :+1:

just as an FYI, it looks like your Endless Discussion tagline is missing a word:

There is no shortage of Stonehearth categories for you to discuss.

best of luck to you with the site! :smiley:


Thanks! We have indeed put a ton of effort into the site. There are around 900 lines of css I have put into customizing the skin. :slight_smile:

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We have added spoilers! :smiley: You can see it here!



Good god a green Facepunch.

Well, it looks slick enough!

Good job on putting it all together!

@Smith, people will use and visit what they feel comfortable with. This isn’t the first fan community and I very much doubt it’ll be the last!

Back in the days before the wheel, this was set up.

There is also Stonehearth Kingdom, and Stonehearth Guru. I’m pretty sure there was one more but I can’t for the life of me find it.

So as I said, people will use and visit what they like, and best of luck to @Apostrofee and @mhawley!

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@apostrofee / @mhawley Wish you all the best for your community project. Nice and playful design you have decided for… matches nicely.

@Geoffers747 There is also Stonehearth.fr for our French friends. There was also a Russian version, but the site is down again since a while. My own site is not a community, so it does not count :wink:. Unfortunately the news on the Stonehearth Guru-Page have not been updated since July… makes me super-sad as it was even featured on the homepage of Stonehearth… @twip, what’s up?


No, that’s not at all what we’re trying to accomplish here. We’re simply offering a different medium for fans of Stonehearth to share their love for the game.

I think the differences to here are obvious. This community is designed to focus exclusively focus on discussion whereas our community does that somewhat but also offers a larger and more robust feature set.

We’re only just getting our feet wet with this community and we look forward to the support of not only this community but the entire Stonehearth fanbase. As we inch closer to the beta and subsequent full release of Stonehearth we will continue to make changes to Stonehearth Cave. We look forward to integrating our community software into the game with the modding capabilities that Stonehearth will offer.

Thank you @Geoffers747, @voxel_pirate, and @SteveAdamo for your kind words.


I think it’s great and I don’t mind having multiple fan sites, after all it is an eventuality of all games really.

@Apostrofee, I like your idea to include a mod database, but are the team not planning on including some sort of feature like this in the in-game menus? @Geoffers747 or @SteveAdamo wanna pick me up on that? I just seem to recall them wanting something similar to this but in-game, so this would be rendered slightly less useful. However if I’m wrong (which I might be) then that is an extremely useful feature.

Keep it up guys, great work :smile:

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I’m not optimistic about your chances, stonehearth guru and stonehearth kingdoms are both dead so I’m not sure how you’ll fare. I’d’ve suggested waiting until it’s closer to release and you can show it off more because currently it’s really just another set of forums.

perhaps a compilation “fansite thread” is in order?

yes sir… i believe the intent (given how integral mods are to SH) is to have them be as easily accessible as possible… i wouldnt be surprised to see some sort of feature rich UI around mods baked right into the game…


Very nice and tidy website. I hope it gets some interest! I signed up :).


Both are dead as the game has not been released yet, so their is not much to do on either of them except post random things on which the Discourse seems to be doing right now :stuck_out_tongue:

That tells me nothing but big words. As alot of people have said or implied, I’m gonna wait until closer to release. With my limited free time during weekdays i’ll be having enough trouble here.

That said, Good luck with the site, I’ll check it out later in it’s lifespan. Unless i suddenly notice something about the site that i just can’t not use.

Forums, live video streaming, chat rooms… I joined. Always nice to checkout an alternative.