A Tribute to the Giants That Have Built the Community

Stonehearth is a great game. Several factors pay into this, but perhaps the most drawing factor is the community.

The community we find ourselves in is incredibly supportive and understanding. The atmosphere is happy and fun. This is a unique wonder that is not found in many other places on the internet.

Team Radiant is only partially responsible for this gem of a community. Ultimately every active member has helped to build the discourse. I would still like to point out some members who have truly been foundational in the creating of the warm community we find ourselves in.

On the top of the list must be the wonderful moderators
@SteveAdamo and @Geoffers747
Their bickering was legendary, their guidance invaluable.

A special shout out must go to
For making his many tutorials in the early days when they were so needed.

To members like
@Froggy @Relyss @Avairian @Pandemic @TobiasSabathius
For their inspiring voxel art and early mods

To the programmers
@RepeatPan @Miturion and @honestabelink

To the translators who paved the way
@tkh and especially @Wiese2007 (who should also get mention for the large number of mods he has created)

To the builders
@Atralane and @micheal_handy76_mh

And last but certainly not least, the ‘new’ moderators
@8BitCrab and @jomaxro (who should also get mention for his coding talent)

So many other people should be on this list, but alas I cannot write everybody. I’m sorry if I missed your name, since I’m sure that there are many people I am forgetting at the time of writing this list.

To all the above, and to each and every member of the discourse.
Thank you for the awesome community.



i’ve been thinking of a similar list these last few weeks, i’m glad you put one together in a post like this! i definitely think that everyone on that list deserves a place :smile:

i dunno, i probably would consider myself the least on such a list of great community members… :stuck_out_tongue:

i would also like to say thanks to everyone, for being such an awesome community. by helping people out with problems, welcoming the newcomers, encouraging the budding modders and artists, and so much more. you’re all awesome, and i hope our community will last and stay this awesome during the rest of the alpha, and long after the final release of the game. well, i’d better stop rambling now, but again, thanks for being such a friendly community.


I’d like to second this – my warmest thanks to all those giants whose shoulders we now stand on.

I’d also like to acknowledge those newer community members who are getting involved and bringing fresh insight and experiences to the forum. I can’t come up with an exhaustive list either; but @BarbeQ and @Yohane come to mind :slight_smile: I’m only new here myself; but seeing how quickly other players and forumgoers get accepted into this community has been a huge motivator to take part more and more!

Also, I think you should add @BrunoSupremo, @Kittyodoom and @Psyduck to your list, for modding, modelling and building respectively.

Here’s to a high-reaching future and a wonderful community!


A special mention should go to @Maximus for his long running thread which brought new ideas, new art and plenty of laughs.


I’d also like to mention @Kythandra for so many awesome cities, and @megashub for his help as new moderator :slight_smile:


Dont feel i been around long enough to be a giant of anything more like a midget of city building >.<


Here’s to @Teleros for his many creative and foundational suggestions, and to @coasterspaul for his consistent activity on the discourse.


And dont forget that guy @TurtleSquish !!! :smiley:


This is such a nice list!
Though i guess i’m considered a pretty new member, i’m glad i can at-least, recognize most of the names here! And they definitely earned their place there

I’d like to add @Drotten to the list!, he helped tons of modders including myself, and y’know, made a lot of mods!


I really appreciate the inclusion! My output’s been shot for the last several months due to school work (and art/audio design for a video game were developing in our university’s game club), but I hope to get back into Stonehearth once we get some more aesthetic components and world biomes!


Here’s to @Goldmetal the father (or mother) of stonehearth fan art.

To @Alfie for just about everything :sweat_smile:

To @coasterspaul for his early template work, and his steadfastness with the community.

And to @Hyrule_Symbol for all the art he/she created.

And to @yshan for being the best bug fixed ever…I know…I know she’s part of the team…I just couldn’t resist.


I don’t think I really did much but thanks anyway <3

Thanks to @RepeatPan for helping me with my trees mod and thanks to the mods for running the place :blush:


huh?, Nah, i was too inconsistent to be listed!
i just added more confusion with my missed promises

and by the way, i’m a ‘He’ (a guy)

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haha, well if inconsistency and missed promises are what disqualifies someone, i’m definitely going to be off of that list :sweat_smile:


Oh, stop it. :blush: I’m glad I’ve been able to do a bit of everything here. It’s a wonderful community, and while I have done a lot I certainly

I’d like to mention the writers @TurtleSquish and @CrazyCandy, and of course our actual novelist @PDanford.


Aren’t we all :frowning:

Life get’s in the way of the fun and games


Oh, look at me! I’m famous! :military_medal:


Is this a forward list who i’d like to thank? :wink:

It really is a good warm welcome, i still rmember the first post i immediatly get response from @jomaxro wich felt nice. Thank you for that!

@YetiChow, thank you for your warm words. Just trying to help people out here with building stuff. Was sick last week, but am about to stream this evening about curves and arcs i think. @ Twitch
@Banto, Is doing good on the stream to show off some work with positivity! :wink: Keep it up.

And all the other community tributers without a name i know off. Go do your think. Share your work and maybe we will be playin together some day.


Oh, I just realized I was put on this list >insta-blush<
But I’m a mere sapling, not a giant. Some of those true giants mentioned here are still helping me out from time to time. It has been said before, but it cannot be mentioned enough: this is an awesome community.


/me stumbles into the room

well, well… what do we have here? praise being lavished upon (absolutely) worthy members of this wonderful community? and me atop the list?


don’t I feel like a heel for being AWOL…

but enough about me… let’s talk about @Geoffers747… can any of us really believe he has yet to land in jail, or find himself caught in some torrid scandal that made the evening news? I know, me either! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

in all seriousness, this is one of the … scratch that, this is THE best community I have ever had the privilege to be a member of … Team Radiant and the folks who’ve found themselves here are as good as they come…

cheers folks! here’s to another … how many years have we been doing this now? :laughing: