What would YOU like our community to be called?

Just wanted to make a fun post about a name we could come up with as a collective whole to call ourselves once the game comes out, so everyone knows that we’re fans of this awesome game e.g. Stonehearthians, Stonehearthers… something along those lines haha
Please post any names you guys come up, hopefully Tom and Tony sees this post and will make the name official :smile:

The Stonehearthenites!

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If there’s anything I’ve learned in life, it’s that appointing yourself a nickname makes you the coolest kid in town!

But seriously:


It’s edgey.

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Stonehearthoids? Stonehearthies!


The Stones? A few of us could also double up as a Rolling Stones tribute act?


Haha good suggestions so far, [quote=“Geoffers747, post:5, topic:318”]
The Stones? A few of us could also double up as a Rolling Stones tribute act?
[/quote] maybe someone could mod them in, and they’re like a travelling caravan of musicians that comes to town!


I assumed it would be Hearthers.

It’s certainly better than Stoners


That works, nice and simple

What’s wrong with ‘Stoners’? I’m taking this as a personal attack.


Stonehearthers? or Stonehearthians? Something?

@Robotictony I love the idea of traveling minstrels that will show up in your city once it reaches a certain size… they could be named after whatever the general consensus is for whatever we decide to call our community.

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Stoners seems good, i give it my vote

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I like just Hearthlings… But I suppose that’s already on Haven & Hearth…

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I also like a shortened version of my submission: The Hearthenites


I just want a traveling band to be in the game so I can see a little villager moshpit!


Stonehearthers, stonehearthians, stonehearthlings…

All longblatherwords. Do not want.

Stoners works for me.

When I suggested Stoners, I was joking for obvious reasons.

So please tell me everyone else is being sarcastic and joking as well …


Too late. The djinn is out of the bottle.

Stoners it is!

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Although that could really bring about some negative connotations towards the game, so I can’t really recommend we refer to our selves thusly.

Hearthers would probably be a far better choice.


Have you seen some of those suggestions that were made for the game? =P

IMO, political correctness should just stay the * * * * out of gaming but if you insist…
Stonher would work. The word doesn’t exist, yet, except as a name that to my knowledge doesn’t have any widely known “negative connotations” . =)

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