What are we called?


Do we as the players have a name? Are we Hearthers? Stonehearthers? Or are we also Hearthlings? I realised we don’t call ourselves as anything.


Totally hearthlings - just look around the forums and note how many of us are using hearthling avatars! :wink:


They had this discussion a few years ago and it went sour pretty quickly :stuck_out_tongue:


:jubilant: I still like being called Hearthlings, though.


Always worth remembering.


just managing expectations… :smile: Maybe clay would produce Potheads?


Dude, I’m a Stoner by heart already !


I have the best solution.

And I present to you,

Our new name;


Or Members of the League of extraordinary Gentlemen[/spoiler]

Yes, I am inspired from a movie I just watched

Edit: Just for laughs!