Hearthling Clan Names!

So something I’ve been considering over the past couple of days is renaming my hearthlings so their last name has something to do with their job. This way, if goblins sneak in and start beating me up and Daisy Woodworth dies, I’ll know I’ll need a new Carpenter!

So I was obviously Woodworth for a Carpenter, and maybe Trapston for the Trapper, but I can’t think of any more for the base classes :c Any help pls? x


Forgeiron for your BS, Rockver for your mason, Woolington for your Shepard, Bolton for your weaver, Your footman, just think something like Knightly or Slasher

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Lovin’ Bolton and Woolington, nice one! <3


hmm … I like the basic idea… we’d obviously have to get more creative as our settlements grew…

Stabby McHackerton
Slashy VonBludgeon