Stone hearth army names


Ok I searched this one up and I’m pretty sure no ones asked this before.

Now I don’t know if anyone else does this in RTS games but…

I usually will assemble all my higher level units and dor roleplaying reasons I will name them as a little squad
E.g. Had 3 tanks in company of heros 2 called them the spear tips. They where quickly blown up but their legacy lives on

In stone hearth I’m hinting of taking 5 sperate men and calling them the Hearthknights…or something like that name still in progress much like the game

Anyone else done or plan on doing something like this?


I like the idea…
So your exploration squad can have a name and you townguards can have another ;D


Yeah but it’s more of an unofficial thing I do for RP to make it feel like the squad or section has a bit of meaning rather then just. “Rifle squad” or “Expendable useless dudes”

Explorers I usually name Dora squad
Age of empires 2
Boldly going where no unit has gone before


im assuming you’re talking about naming them “in your head”, as opposed to actually in-game, yes? as far as we know so far, there will be limited (micro) controls for the military units, but its unlikely you would be able to name a selection of units…

still, i like the idea! :smile:


Yes I mean naming them in my head

Does anyone else do this? Or am I just crazy


you’re not crazy, just vocal… :smile:

but you’re in good company… i name my teams as well… they just probably arent as intimidating as most… :blush:


What do you mean? Just the mention of the Happy Fun Brigade strikes fear in the hearts of brigands everywhere!

Or maybe its just the fuchsia leopard-print leotards. Don’t ask me, I’m not a brigand
casually glances around


Just a note ~
Gemini - Elite Order


Ehm, Mercs.

Ok that’s boring. Thelonius Monks. Brigands With Beards. Knights of the Square Table.


Yeah but you need a reason as to why your calling them the name it can’t just be Phoenix order or some s**t cause it sounds cool.

The C team
All characters in the squad names begin with C


You can so name a group something awesome because it’s just plain awesome.
Would you rather face a group called the Gemini, the Phoenix Order, or the bucket heads?


Yeah you can but I’m just saying I usally give them a name related to something they did or a particular feature. If they looked awesome yes. Perhaps “the swagsters” would be a sufficient unitname


it depends… what are the intentions of said group? are they stargazers? Harry Potter fans? a cleaning crew? :smile:


Besides, at least losing to the Phoenix Order has DIGNITY. Imagine returning to your homeland with tales of the fearsome “Bucket Heads,” You’d be laughed right out of town…


At least until they come destroy their town due to their ability to create never-ending streams of water and lava.


The imperial legion of terrabitia :3


The Fellowship Of The Forsaken Cake.

Would be a awesome name for my first exploration groupe xD


In the end just name them all Tom and Tony the overall name can be the Imperial Radiant Legions!


thats… actually not bad… :wink:


The legion of doges