Stone hearth army names

Ok I searched this one up and I’m pretty sure no ones asked this before.

Now I don’t know if anyone else does this in RTS games but…

I usually will assemble all my higher level units and dor roleplaying reasons I will name them as a little squad
E.g. Had 3 tanks in company of heros 2 called them the spear tips. They where quickly blown up but their legacy lives on

In stone hearth I’m hinting of taking 5 sperate men and calling them the Hearthknights…or something like that name still in progress much like the game

Anyone else done or plan on doing something like this?

I like the idea…
So your exploration squad can have a name and you townguards can have another ;D

Yeah but it’s more of an unofficial thing I do for RP to make it feel like the squad or section has a bit of meaning rather then just. “Rifle squad” or “Expendable useless dudes”

Explorers I usually name Dora squad
Age of empires 2
Boldly going where no unit has gone before

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im assuming you’re talking about naming them “in your head”, as opposed to actually in-game, yes? as far as we know so far, there will be limited (micro) controls for the military units, but its unlikely you would be able to name a selection of units…

still, i like the idea! :smile:

Yes I mean naming them in my head

Does anyone else do this? Or am I just crazy

you’re not crazy, just vocal… :smile:

but you’re in good company… i name my teams as well… they just probably arent as intimidating as most… :blush:

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What do you mean? Just the mention of the Happy Fun Brigade strikes fear in the hearts of brigands everywhere!

Or maybe its just the fuchsia leopard-print leotards. Don’t ask me, I’m not a brigand
casually glances around


Just a note ~
Gemini - Elite Order

Ehm, Mercs.

Ok that’s boring. Thelonius Monks. Brigands With Beards. Knights of the Square Table.

Yeah but you need a reason as to why your calling them the name it can’t just be Phoenix order or some s**t cause it sounds cool.

The C team
All characters in the squad names begin with C

You can so name a group something awesome because it’s just plain awesome.
Would you rather face a group called the Gemini, the Phoenix Order, or the bucket heads?

Yeah you can but I’m just saying I usally give them a name related to something they did or a particular feature. If they looked awesome yes. Perhaps “the swagsters” would be a sufficient unitname

it depends… what are the intentions of said group? are they stargazers? Harry Potter fans? a cleaning crew? :smile:

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Besides, at least losing to the Phoenix Order has DIGNITY. Imagine returning to your homeland with tales of the fearsome “Bucket Heads,” You’d be laughed right out of town…

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At least until they come destroy their town due to their ability to create never-ending streams of water and lava.

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The imperial legion of terrabitia :3

The Fellowship Of The Forsaken Cake.

Would be a awesome name for my first exploration groupe xD

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In the end just name them all Tom and Tony the overall name can be the Imperial Radiant Legions!

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thats… actually not bad… :wink:

The legion of doges