We need a name for them!


I’ve noticed that everytime I want to talk about the AIs I don’t know what to call them. So I want to find/make an official name for the AIs. Community, have any ideas?


I think they are already named stonehearthians.


wait, are we referring to the units we control, or the actual AI logic that helps control them?


I think he means the Units we control, which i think are called “Settlers”


ahh… you could probably draw some inspiration from this thread then:



That is correct, we do call them ‘settlers’ but after say, the first generation they aren’t settlers anymore. I’ve called them everything from sims, to minions, to the Northerners (until the Raya and others are added).


Acolyte of Geoffers? Steve’s Propaganda Henchmen? The possibilities are endless!


clearly the best option here… :smile:


I’d love to see these little guys just waddle around, putting up posters like “Obey the Glorious Overlord” and stuff like that.


I actually find “settlers” a fitting name. It’s simple and descriptive.

That would be hilarious xD.


You do not describe our Glorious Overlord Steve Adamo as “hilarious”! You obviously do not have enough REVOLUTIONARY FERVOR. A Peacekeeper will come by your residence to escort you to a reeducation facility in order to restore your REVOLUTIONARY FERVOR.

All hail Steve Adamo!


Perhaps you should get cracking on the official Steve Adamo mod then… :wink:

Though of course you’d have to buy the rights to him first and we all know how highly he values himself… :moneybag:


i could definitely get onboard with these wonderful ideas… :+1:

i mean, Minecraft has “Minecraft Steve”… i can see our minions all being labeled similarly… it even rolls off the tongue better… “Stonehearth Steve”… try it, its lovely!


I can just see tons of Steve’s revolting now.



Sorry 'bout that . . . :cold_sweat: